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An excerpt from Christ Triumphant By Thomas Allin

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marie glen:
That was very interesting! I've come to think that God is life itself.. the breath, spirit and spark of life, and that he's also Perfection.. so when he endowed thinking ability to man and angel a whole new world (or tree) of possibilities 'came to be'. Yet once one chooses something other than what God/Perfection/Life chooses, one becomes imPerfect, the opposite of life and thus came death and suffering (yet God being Life suffers, experiences and lives through all sufferings). Especially because He Himself opened this 'pandora's box' the rescue from death (of all things) was built right into everything from the beginning / "foundation of the world". Life as we presently know it is simply an unavoidable journey and lesson (if there's to be thinking ability that is). This drama of learning good from evil (life from death) is deeply etching upon every heart, mind and psyche the full understanding of good from evil / life from death.
 - In the world and kingdom to come, we will be freer, as this author has alluded to, for our horizons will be wider what with the lack of evil.. Freedom to choose imperfection and disintegration is not freedom but bondage of course.. Very interesting piece!


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