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A Sinner Before God's Throne (Christ died for your sins but God makes you die...


Tony N:
Sinner: Umm, hi God.
God: Hi.
Sinner: What's up?
God: Judgment.
Sinner: O.K.
God: I have a list of every sin you ever committed.
Sinner: I didn't know they made scrolls that long.
God: It's old technology but, hey, whatever works, right?
Sinner: I guess so but don't you think that is overdoing it a little? I mean, over 5 miles long?
God: It's mostly to make an impact. Don't take it so personally.
Sinner: O.K. Why am I here?
God: Did you ever believe in My Son Jesus?
Sinner: No one ever told me He existed so how could I believe in Him?
God: Ignorance is no excuse! (**lightning and thunder strike!**)
Sinner: What did He ever do for me?
God: He died for all your sins. All of them. All 5 miles long!
Sinner: Wow! that's great! So I get to go into Your heaven?
God: Well, blush, even though He died for your sins, I'm going to have to make His death worthless just so I can get you into Hell.
Sinner: That doesn't sound very fair to your Son or to me.
God: Well, if I let people like you into Heaven all the Christians will complain and, well, I am run by the Christian majority up here so I have to do their bidding.
Sinner: O.K. so let me get this straight: Christ died for my sins but you are going to make me die for my sins, right?
God: Righto! Bingo!
Sinner: So His death was just a good show?
God: Well, you have to admit I did make everything go black and cause a great earthquake to happen. It was all pretty neat.
Sinner: But why doesn't His death save me?
God: Well let's just say it comes down to not what He did for you but what you can do for yourself of your own free-will.
Sinner: Man that is messed up!
God: Rules are rules. Sorry. Now go to Hell!

Disclaimer: I (Tony) just made up the above conversation. It never really took place. I posted it on a so-called "Christian" message board I have posted on for years to get the attention of all the "Christians who believe Christ died for our sins but in the end, God is going to make you die for your sins.

Tony said, "Christians who believe Christ died for our sins but in the end, God is going to make you die for your sins."  :thumbsup: SUms up the ET "double belief system" Not just die but eternally tortured. Another mess up. Technically, Jesus should be eternally tortured for our sins if ET is true.

Several years ago a "christian" bumper sticker came out for about 2 seconds. It read:
"Christ died for my sins" - Which is the accurate ET understanding of salvation. It was quickly changed to, "Christ died for your sins" and that lasted about a minute when ET'ers realized that really bad hateful atheists might read it and find an excuse to continue sinning. I haven't seen either Bumper sticker for more than 10 years now.


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