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« on: March 23, 2009, 05:05:13 AM »
 Has anyone every seen any miracles associated with the preaching of UR. I have had discussions with a friend about sharing UR with a sick people. When the truth of God's love dawns on them and as their faith takes a exponential rise as they experience God's true love through this message, we would then pray for them and see them healed. Has anyone heard of healings and miracles associated with this message. As it is the message the 1st century church preached surely we should see miracles when we preach it.
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Re: Miracles
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I see spiritual miracles fairly often, physical healing is not an absolute for miracles.
I've seen people that have been healed of Cancer that STILL have to have the ritual of religion so in what manner was their miracle?

I'd rather have my physical struggles knowing what I know spiritually anyday.

Characters in the bible were spiritually whole and still struggled with physical ailments.

Even Jesus was told to heal himself.


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Re: Miracles
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Oh yeah, I see thousands of healings every year through this message.  Lots of folks get delivered from the occult through this message as well.  But I keep this message centered on the Cross, the Blood, repentance, the power of a quality decision, and Jesus's Present Day High Priestly Ministry.  So, what I share is radically different from what I see most Christian Universalist sharing 'cause I don't extrapolate from the Biblical promises of the Universal Restoration any kind of fatalism.  Fatalism is the greatest tool in Satan's arsenol for neutering/spaying Christian Universalists.  And from Jesus's parables, I'm not sure that it's not the worst sin that'll receive the worst retribution on judgment day.  But the Universal Restoration message, properly presented of every thought being brought to the obedience of Christ -- there's nothing like it for even regrowing missing limbs, for blood diseases leaving in an instant, for the clock to be turned back on all aging, and for folks to be crowned with beauty, fitness, glory, love, peace, riches, wealth, and wisdom.  It's the sweetest good fight of faith that only gets sweeter every day! :cloud9:

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Re: Miracles
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Sometimes, at certain points when expressing the truth concerning Jesus and the things to come, including the salvation of ALL, the P O W E R of God comes upon me, something like electric rain.  It can get strong enough to completely overwhelm us.  This can be transferred to others and is intertwined with other manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  Though I knew it was the truth, certifiable from Scripture, and that it had resurrected my conscience and was consistent with reason, yet I was surprised the first time His power came upon me when witnessing to Universal Salvation.
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