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wow wow I got a message from God about UR

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Hello there,

since about half a year I have the gift of interpreting a speech in tongue.

I can speak in tongues for about 6 years now, and from early on I sometimes caught a word or two from my tongue speaking and knew what it meant. But since these 6 monts I can often say what entire sentences meant.

So today I was praying to God what to do with my life and I spoke in tongues for a while and then I prayed about what it meant and I knew it meant this:

"Go with your views to other people and tell them you love the world and that you would like to do something that helps."

I asked God specifically about UR and prayed some more and then I knew God said:

"This is about love and about wishes of man which are fully understandable."

I must add that while I believe in UR I still associate with ALL christians and pretty much follow standard (modern) christian doctrine. IE, I enjoy having women pastors and full acceptance of gays and things like that, but I maintain the trinity, the resurrection, that Jesus will return some day, that we must be careful about esoterics and things like that.

Maybe this is the way to go, instead of taking UR and sailing away with it, to embrace it within christianity and to make sure to stay in church and to keep the core teachings of christian orthodoxy.

I am so glad that God has spoken, and I'm gonna see if I can do something for the world with others. I'd like to encourage everyone to keep positive beliefs about God, that the old concept of God wanting to destroy things could be seriously overstated and that in fact God loves our world, even when it's sometimes mad and bad.

God bless you!

 pretty much follow standard (modern) christian doctrine.
Even when the Bible plainly contradicts it?
By full acceptance of Gays do you mean condoning their sin?
We are to love the sinner but not condone the sin - and make no mistake, the Bible no where in any way condones homosexuality. I'm not homophobic, I would be the same with adulterers, fornicators, murderers, theifs - loving the sinner but in no way condoning the sin.
The bible also does not condone in any way groups (other than womens groups) being led by a woman.
I also wonder why God, who is not the author of confusion would have you speak in a tongue you didn't understand and then tell you what He wanted. Why not just tell you first?
You say you want to stay in the church and "keep the core teachings of christian orthodoxy" does that include ET?
I still attend an ET church but I guarantee you, ET is orthodoxy and UR is considered blasphemy by most.
Peace and grace and love to you and whatever you decide and may God guide your life.


--- Quote ---The bible also does not condone in any way groups (other than womens groups) being led by a woman.
--- End quote ---

Oh where is Cardinal when we need her??

I it is about love and the wishes of man"..but just not the 'Will" of God....

   while noble in love for mankind that is in her.  Jeremiah 51;9  we would have healed Babylon

  but she can not be healed........

        these things Must occurr.........

   there have been many past posts on the subject of the role of women in worship.  there is neither

   male nor female in Christ.  now Paul said some things..as always that may be hard to understand...

   and people 'twist" them. ww if he would be ever so kind..could problably link it for us..

   there are two women...Babylon and Jerusalem Above....which woman do you think it is

  lawful for her to teach her children.?  are the two women's children distinct? are the two women?



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