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witnessing now
« on: August 15, 2011, 09:25:03 PM »
Before the revelation of UR was given to me, and I came to this board, if a non-christian asked me about God (not that it happened much) but I was prepared with

You're a sinner, Jesus came died, rose again, say this prayer and you go to heaven, ignore it you go to H E double hockeysticks.  Very simple straightforward.

The other day I had a patient that came in and needed a good word that day, she asked me to talk about God.  (A couple months ago, I shared with her a little of the glorious hope).  When she asked the other day it threw me off guard first off, and I went into think-mode (definitely not Spirit mode).  I was tongue tied, because when I went to extract the abc-->xyz file, it didn't seem right (obviously the hell part is wrong).  I'm still so "gotta hit the big points, get her to say the magic words, I may not get another chance".  But it seems like saying that without the dying to self part is false advertising.

I spoke with her about the Fathers love, a little of dying to self, a little of the mystery (Christ in you).  But while I was talking, it was not flowing (or I wasn't allowing the spirit to flow). 

How do you give the abc's while still being faithful to the whole truth? 

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Re: witnessing now
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2011, 11:15:44 PM »
 This has been a very good first witness for me in times past.

Joh 3:17  For God did not send His Son to the world that he may judge the world, but that the world may be saved through him;
Mic 7:8  Thou dost not rejoice over me, O mine enemy, When I have fallen, I have risen, When I sit in darkness Jehovah is a light to me.

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Re: witnessing now
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2011, 11:32:26 PM »
 Generally,I begin with this.....'well,you know it was prophesied in the book of Daniel that the saints were overcome...and you can see that with

  all the different divisions and th4e corruption exposed in the church that it is true. But, I tell you the reason He did this. Because He said,'no

  flesh shall boast" and that is the flesh of the saints[church] also. He did this because He planned on giving the free gift of eternal life to

  all grace and not works; He is not going to lose ONE  Single person in this. Jesus paid the price of all men's sin's

 He is revealing these things now. You can pray to Him  In Jesus Christ name,and He will answer you and show you this is the truth.