Author Topic: Why does it seem like religions become more legalistic with more hell  (Read 797 times)

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In Buddhism and Hinduism, they teach temporary punishment for sins, and those Eastern religions are not very dogmatic at all, plus they dont seem to have as many strict or rigid codes of conduct that the ET religions have. 
With the Annihilationist Churches, they dont seem to be overly heavy on legalism, but in certain areas, like forbidding blood transfusions. 
Then there are pretty much most Christians today, who dont take the doctrine of hell very seriously, repress it, or ignore it.  They seem more easy going, and less rigid about Church rules.  Pretty common among Catholics and Mainline Protestants of today.
And the ones who take hell the most seriously, a high number of evangelicals, and a small minority of Catholics and Mainline Protestants seem to be the most legalism. 

Peter Kreeft, the "Great" Catholic Apologist pointed out that those who do not teach eternal Punishment are what he calls "Relativists", in his system someone who doesnt follow legalistic systems. 

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Re: Why does it seem like religions become more legalistic with more hell
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 :cloud9: Why? Because the judgment you mete out, the same is meted out unto you. Legalism breeds more legalism I guess would be one way to say it......My  :2c: Blessings....
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