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Re: original sin?
« Reply #25 on: October 29, 2010, 11:19:05 PM »
willieH: Hi Micah...  :happygrin:

Don't mean to sidetrack the "original sin" question you have asked, ...but to answer this:

Job never answered, did Job declare?

As I see it, ...the "answer" was both in the "question" God asked him... "where were you"?  There must have been a "where" for God asked Job to name it...  :Sparkletooth: well as in the statement that followed -- "when ALL the SONS of God shouted for joy"...  The answer (if Job had understanding) was "shouting for Joy" (at the marvel of the foundational revelation)

If there were no "where", then God likely would have noted it in different terms... such as "Did you exist"?

In any event, Job didn't answer because he didn't have understanding...  :winkgrin:

He did not "know" (have understanding) where he was or even, IF he was... so he did not answer...  :dontknow:

...willieH  :cloud9:

I can hear that. And as Job, I must stand with did not know,  have (understanding.)

As far as the side tracked, Im getting used to it. :bigGrin:
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