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the United Nations
« on: July 03, 2008, 06:45:02 AM »
Hi again,

it is my impression that much of modern day evangelical christianity utterly loathes the united nations. In fact, some believe it to be a work of the devil and I think some think it might play an evil role in the events of Revelation.

What do you think about that?

I am wary of world politics too, and would not want a real world government. In the same time though I think there needs to be a platform for the cooperation of all nations, particularly through diplomatic means. And to that end, I think having the UN is a good thing. And lest we forget ... the UN did help many people, and many countries in the world, and has prevented many civil wars and helped people through many difficult desasters.


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Re: the United Nations
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2008, 07:03:43 AM »
A lot of U.S. citizens are scared of it because of the waning popularity of the United States and there are now more nations represented in the U.N. that absolutely hate the United States than there are representing the interests of the United States, or that would represent compatible interests to those of the United States.  A lot of the lack of trust is because of all of the conspiracy theories, that as you've said even reaches to Bible prophecy teachers who got into prophecy to feed their fears rather than to wash them away.  I'm not too sure how much attention the U.N. gets these days with all of the attention moving towards the E.U.  Perhaps that waning attention on the U.N. adds to the potential danger of it.  If the U.N. has any real power, it's like anything else where the representatives are chosen by the people of the countries that they represent.  We're getting what we deserve, globally, because of the people we've chosen to represent us in it.  If enough homework wasn't done on these people before they were appointed, voted in, or whatever, then we'll get our spanking in due course with whatever buttons that they have the authority and power to press either economically or in whatever other area of our national interests in the U.S. and elsewhere with countries that have their part in the U.N.  1Timothy 2 says to pray for all of them.  It doesn't release me to go and write an end-times scenario that paints them as the Dracula that'll enjoy all of our blood in the name of "keeping the public informed," or "expectant of the soon return of Christ."  It just says to pray for them because Jesus Christ is the corresponding ransom for all and for all of their offices that they fill, by implication in that chapter.