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St. Ephrem, the Syrian 

Be gentle with every person you meet--they are fighting a great battle.


Oswald Chambers from his book "Disciples Indeed"

The main characteristic which is the proof of the indwelling Spirit is an amazing tenderness in personal dealings and a blazing truthfulness with regard to God's Word.

 I think those quotes are beautiful.  Thank you for posting them.

"what you do to/for the lowliest person you are doing to/for me." - Jesus


"It is only because He became like us that we can become like Him."
                     Dietrich Bonhoffer - The Cost of Discipleship

from the writings  Oswald Chambers

"My relationship to Jesus is not on the ground of Christian evidence, that I can pass an examination on the doctrines of the Person of Christ, but suddenly by the great surprise of the indwelling Spirit of God I see who Jesus is, the Son of the Living God, absolute Lord and Master.  The basis of the Christian life is an inner illumination that reveals to me who Jesus is, and on that revelation and the public confession of it, Jesus says He will build His church."


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