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BEAUTY FOR ASHES  (Crabbe, 1889)

I sing the love of God, my Father,
Whose Spirit abides within,
Who changes all my grief to gladness,
And pardons me all my sin.
Though clouds may lower, dark and dreary,
Yet He has promised to be near;
He gives me sunshine for my shadow,
And "beauty for ashes" here.


He gives me joy in place of sorrow;
He gives me love that casts out fear;
He gives me sunshine for my shadow,
And "beauty for ashes" here.

I sing the love of God, my Savior,
Who suffered upon the tree,
That, in the secret of His presence,
My bondage might freedom be.
He comes "to bind the brokenhearted";
He comes the fainting soul to cheer;
He gives me "oil of joy" for mourning,
And "beauty for ashes" here.


I sing the beauty of the Gospel
That scatters, not thorns, but flowers,
That bids me scatter smiles and sunbeams
Wherever are lonely hours.
The "garment of His praise" it offers
For "heaviness of spirit" drear;
It gives me sunshine for my shadow,
And "beauty for ashes" here.


FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE (McAnlay, 1897)

O God of grace, increase our faith!
Help us to daily trust Thy Word;
Give us the strength that always comes
From leaning on our blessed Lord.

O God of grace, in Jesus' name
Increase our faith, upbuild our hope,
Our  hearts  :HeartThrob: with zeal inflame,
Send down Thy Spirit from above,
Till faith and hope are lost in love.

O God of grace, upbuild our hope!
Let not a doubt our spirit sway;
Be Thou our constant shield of light
That we may walk the narrow way.


O God of grace, inspire our love!
Fill our cold hearts with holy fire,
That we may live each passing day
As our Redeemer doth desire.


UPHELD BY HOPE  (Crawford, 1902)

"Upheld by hope" -- a glorious hope
As days and years roll by;
The coming of our Lord and King
Is surely drawing nigh.

"Upheld by hope"  --that wondrous hope,
That I shall see His face,
And to His likeness be conformed
When I have run the race.

"Upheld by hope" in darkest days
Faith can the light descry:
The deepening glory in the east
Proclaims deliverance nigh!

"Upheld by hope" how glad the heart! :HeartThrob:
My soul is on the wing!
E'en now His hand is on the door
He comes --my glorious King!

AWAKE, AWAKE! O HEART OF MINE!  (Fanny Crosby, 1887)

Awake, awake, O heart of mine!
Sing praise to God above;
Take up the song of endless years,
And sing redeeming love!
Redeemed by Him who bore our sins,
When on the cross He died;
Redeemed and purchased with His blood,
Redeemed and sanctified.

Awake, awake, O heart of mine!
Sing praise, sing praise to God above;
Take up the song of endless years,
And sing redeeming love!

Redeemed by Him, my Lord and King,
Who saves me day by day;
My life and all its ransomed powers
Could never His love repay.
And yet His mercy condescends
My humble gift to own;
And through the riches of His grace,
He brings me near His throne.


O love, unchanging, love sublime!
Not all the hosts above
Can reach the height or sound the depth
Of God's eternal love.
This wondrous love  :HeartThrob: enfolds the WHOLE world,
It fills the realms above;
'Tis boundless as eternity;
Oh, praise the God of love!

John 17:22
The glory which Thou gavest Me I have given them; that they may be one, even as We are One.   


Thou God of all, whose Spirit moves
From pole to silent pole,
Whose purpose binds the starry spheres
In one stupendous whole,
Whose life, like light, is freely poured
On ALL beneath the sun,
To Thee we lift our hearts  :HeartThrob: and pray
That Thou wilt make us ONE.

ONE in the patient company
Of those who heed Thy will,
And steadfastly pursue the way
Of Thy commandments still;
ONE in the holy fellowship
Of those who challenge wrong,
And lift the Spirit's sword to shield
The weak against the strong.

ONE in the truth that makes men free,
The faith that makes men brave;
ONE in the love that suffers long
To seek, and serve, and save;
ONE in the vision of Thy peace,
The kingdom yet to be,
When Thou shalt be the God of ALL,
And ALL be ONE in Thee.


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