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On Human Idols



--- Quote from: shibboleth on August 08, 2007, 12:28:17 AM ---How easy it is to make someone an idol. We don't think we are, but all the signs are there. We wait breathlessly for any new revelation human idol of ours speak and  we defend them with our whole being. I had a few human idols of my own, and thank God, I'm really careful about that nowadays. I'm glad you got to plant seed with all the people who were hungering for truth. I know it will bring a harvest someday.

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I hear ya. I have just recently been torn away by God from a human idol of my own. Even though I only knew him over the Internet, I held strong feelings of gratitude toward him for helping me out of Hellfire Fundamentalism. However, I know that it was not only him, it was other people as well--put there by God. Here is what I wrote in my blog last Thursday:

--- Quote ---Remember what I wrote about doing your own spiritual work (i.e., reading stuff for yourself and listening to God yourself)? Well, I did not do that. I realized this about a week ago.

See, I grew too attached to someone who I considered a teacher and a savior. I read his messages and took them to heart. I even developed a stupid internet crush on the guy.

What I have finally realized is what worked for him was not working for me, and being so attached to him that I listened to him as opposed to listening to God retarded me in my spiritual development. I finally "came out" and admitted my crush to him on a public forum where I was justly given a verbal slap in the face by this person. I needed this to see my foolishness.

This has made me realize in spades that I need to listen to God directly and not follow after what someone else is doing, even if they one of the main people who helped me out of Hellfire Fundamentalism. I focused on the human when I should have focused on the God, Son, and Spirit coming through that person. I love you, my readers. (Though not in a romantic sense!) Take care.

God bless.
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Anyone else been in this predicament?

Thank you for sharing this. It happend to me as well, and sometimes still does, cause sometimes I forget that it was the Christ within a person that I admire so much and that taught me not the vessel through Whom He ministerd to me. Thank you for this always timely 'rebuke'.

i love your honesty, redkora,

it's all a part of growing and learning not to see one another according to the flesh any more.  learning to always see through things to Him is challenging for us but seeing the truth sets us free.
i'm glad for you that you're experiencing some new freedom in this area.  :thumbsup:  :Angel7:

That must have been tough for you to share.  Thank you  :happyclap:



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