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would like to chat about UR things
« on: August 18, 2011, 07:02:16 PM »
Hi there,

I would like to get in touch with some UR people, either by a messenger or through email, whatever suits you.

Today I was reading the story of David and Absalom and it's so horrific. I mean, the bible says children don't get punished for the sins of their fathers, but in the case of Absalom, this just happened to David. Absalom became wicked and ostensibly got damned. That is, if we don't believe in UR.

It seems to me now that UR is the only way to go if you want a real happy end for mankind. If you want true love to succeed in the end. ET only magnifies the current system of things a million times. We cannot solve this great evil just by revering God. Reverence alone won't create the good. And I don't want to believe in a selfish God whose hate never ends or must be quenched through suffering and humility before He is good to us.

Yes, sin is terrible and in order to prevent sin from happening I would even allow the death penalty in some cases. But eternal suffering? Has God no empathy? Is God more brutal than lions and wolves? In Jesus He has the means and also the legal basis to save everyone. Even the greatest sinner could be transformed by this into someone good. God can only be love in any meaningful sense if He does that. Condemnation/Salvation has become an easy choice because Jesus went to the cross. God has taken us up and paid for our sin. If we must suffer in life to get changed, to become better people, then so be it. But endless suffering that serves no purpose but to satisfy God's hatred, that's not glorious. It's like when children torture animals. Some animals are filthy and when there is a reason I don't mind killing flies and crushing snakes. But I wouldn't resurrect them so I could trample on them forever.

UR has the power to outweigh the evils we experience on Earth. It levels the ground and we can heartily live with God now. To that end and to create more love and humility, the suffering we experience here can actually be helpful. But when suffering is endless, then something's wrong, something very wrong. It marrs God.

Now I only need to find the goodness of God and stick with it through thick and thin. I want the Savior who knows pain and destruction in Himself, who loves us, who has the wisdom to take this mess and make it alright again, so that man and God can be together, in love, forever. 

(Oh and about chat and email, PM me I will give you my contact details.)