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Identifying evil

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I got into this strange conversation over at the CARM forums.

Namely we were discussing if there was anything that would be pure evil for God to do - for example would God send babies to be tormented forever.  Some there do believe this.

So I posed a hypothetical:
Suppose God tortured kittens for ever.  We know this would not be a good thing to do, therefore we can safely understand that God does not torture kittens for ever.

To my surprise I got into an argument.  People wanted to know why it would be bad for God to forever torture kittens.

I tried to explain that it would be evil, it would be unkind, it would be wrong to cause pain forever on a helpless creature that you yourself created, and since God says He does not lie and He is not unkind, we know God would not do this.

Yet I continued to get arguments and protests that God could do this if He wanted and it would be A-OK.


After a while I realized something.  Many people cannot identify the difference between good and evil...

Any thoughts on this?

 :2c:There is a psychiatric term asnd we all do it at times. It's called "double think"
Double think is holding two differing and sometimes complete opposite opinions about a subject, belief, or idea.
So yes, it is quite possible for people to believe that God is love and at the same time torture kittens forever.
Maybe in their minds, yes, God could torture kittens forever because they reason, God can do anything he wants to do and if he wants to torture kittens, he must have a good reason that we can't see from out limited point of view.

Deeper than that to me, is if Christ had only to die for atonement of our sins, why was he also beaten, why the thirty nine lashes, why the crown of thorns and his beard pulled out by the roots and why was he mocked? Why not just a quick simple death like a spear in his side?
The Father could have certainly arranged that.

why would Jesus say we have to forgive those who  treespass against us..to be 'perfect' like the Father in heaven

  would God  require of us a to 'forgive men their sins' ifHe does not?  I don't think so.

Could it be that we should forgive because God has forgiven us. God, being perfect, does not have to forgive does he?
But He does. So once we are forgiven of all the sins we have committed, isn't it a small thing to forgive minor trespasses against us?
"Love hardly notices when others do it wrong"
Yes Sheila, being conformed to the image of Jesus the son, we must forgive.
"Forgive them Father,. for they know not what they do"

so then..God is Love..shows us His nature..that though we crucify HIM with slanderous allegations

  of His character and divine nature of LOVE...He doesn't keep record of the injury. the ignorance of HIM

  makes us easily deceived..by the original slanderer


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