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Feeling Stagnant and Useless to God

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For the past few days, I have been feeling stagnant and useless to God. When I go about my daily life, I feel like a robot as if my actions count for nothing. I know that works are worthless if there is no faith behind it, but I still feel so useless.

See, after that person in my "human idols" thread handed me the smackdown, I still hoped that he would be my friend. It may be better that he doesn't so I can get over being attached to him, and I know that I need to see the Christ in people instead of just looking at people, but I still feel lost. I guess it's part of growing up spiritually.

I feel alone, and I feel numb sometimes. As I mentioned, I feel so mechanical as I go about my daily activities. I feel like I need to go away somewhere alone and really think about things. Sometimes I doubt if my faith in God has any real grounding at all.

If you read all of this, I thank you for taking it on mentally. I just did not know where to turn for human help. I know I'm supposed to lean on God, but gosh, I need other humans to help me.


i've been through times like that, too. it can be part of so many things.  i don't know what your particular journey through will be like, but i know that, for me, those times are always Him getting my focus on the things that are truly lasting.

God gave me the understanding once of the uselessness of the widow's mite.  the offerings were for the ministry of the temple.  what could that little speck of money do?  nothing.  it was for Him, for the love of Him, and He declared that she gave more than all the rest.  (can you hear Him saying,"now this I can use!")

when you can't do it from passion, just do it for love.  when you can do nothing, give Him the nothing.  He loves to use our nothings to advance His Kingdom in ways we may never see till we see it all.  He's certainly working to advance it in each one of us through the nothings.

blessings in Him  :HeartThrob:

Thank you for the motivation. Even if I don't have the passion, I can still do it out of devotion and love.

Thanks again.  :girlheart:

Hang in there Redkora.  God loves you, has a plan for you, and isn't done with you yet...no matter how you feel inside!  :happygrin:


God bless you, Redkora!    :girlheart:
We can rest in what seem like the dry times.
We can just lean back and float.
Trust and faith come from him- not us.
You are loved.



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