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Experiencing the Tabernacle

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:cloud9: Good stuff Nathan..... :thumbsup: I posted most of this I think before a long time back....., where I don't know. I'll try to add more as I am able.

:cloud9: Hebrews 10 tells us the pattern of spiritual things is the tabernacle pattern. The outer court was where basically anyone could be in the presence of the Lord, albeit from a distance. Women (souls), all Israel, and even strangers (today would be like Hindus, Muslims, ect.) as well as ANYONE who has not had the baptism of the Spirit, the outward anointing, including (and listed SOLELY based on their doctrinal beliefs that exclude the baptism of the Spirit ie. Pentecost, as do the first groups mentioned also), such as Lutherans, Catholics, Baptists, ect.

They were and are, all in the same outer court realm. He has given ALL men a measure of faith to receive Him and this is that realm. He is in all, but all do not yet know it, or Him. This is why all received the same wages whether or not they had been there all day (more light) or one hour (less light). This is the realm of soulish fleshly works. This portion of the tabernacle had no covering over it, so if the people in that realm looked up into the heavenlies or at heavenly things, they saw only a LITERAL heavenly host, ie. sun, moon and stars. They are still governed over by the letter, the natural "host", still eating of the wrong tree. He concluded ALL under sin.

This is the realm of the inner anointing, the salvation of the Spirit, ie. the spirit returns to the One that sent it. This is Christ in you, ie. He subjected the same in hope, Christ in you, the hope of glory. This is the realm of the brazen altar, where the works of the flesh are dealt with thru the dying to self. It had a veil between it and the next realm also, which veil is "rent" by dying to self works. It is the water baptism realm, ie. being baptized into the likeness of His death. Reckon yourselves DEAD. This is the passover realm. If we partake of the eating of the Lamb, we pass from death into life.

:cloud9: The inner court realm is the realm of the priesthood. The priestly tribe that was chosen by God Himself, could get a little closer to the God that had created all. A peculiar (means chosen) people, a priestly nation, ie. He would that they were ALL priests. This is the realm of the golden candlestick, representative of the light we receive from the outward baptism of the Spirit, ie. being baptized INTO the Spirit which is Christ, He becomes our covering, and this is why the commandment came that women (the soul/flesh) must have a covering, so as not to be "naked" and ashamed. The Spirit of Christ, which IS the Holy Ghost, is that covering of the women (soul/flesh).

This is the glory, the life of the Spirit that begins to consume the corruption that has made us take on another glory/image. As we have born the image of the natural (outer court, Christ in you), so too we will bear the image of the spiritual (inner court, you in Christ). Just as women, strangers, and all Israel were not allowed to come into this court because they were not priests, so too does God make this distinction now, spiritually.

The priests were only allowed to wear linen to come into the inner court to serve God. Linen speaks of the righteousness that is by faith, the faith of the Spirit of Christ, not the measure of faith to receive Him, that is typified in the outer court realm of experience. The Spirit baptism is the beginning of "putting on" Christ, ie. He becomes our "linen garment". This is why it says that our righteousness (ie. without linen garment/Spirit of Christ covering us) is as filthy rags. That's the pattern and it is not subject to change as far as God is concerned.

This is the realm of the Spirit, and the works of the Spirit. The Holy Ghost does the works. This is the realm of Pentecost, and this is the second of 3 feasts that the Lord God commanded the children of Israel to partake of FOREVER. We were grafted into the olive tree, and as we have a spiritual covenant now, these feasts are fulfilled in us spiritually, but they did not end and they were not a suggestion, which is why those in the outer court realm I explained above have the option of ignoring the rest of the pattern, but they do so at a loss, as in those that go thru the fire suffer loss, but they are saved. He concluded all under sin, that thru His Spirit, He might have mercy upon all.

:cloud9: So, without going into the 3rd part of the Tabernacle in detail, the whole pattern looks like this......

These are just a FEW correlations between the courts and specific three part scriptures, the last time I did this I had around 30 for each of the courts; the Word (both OT and NT) is literally full of them because He can't do anything but express His nature......as above, so below.

OUTER COURT                    INNER COURT                   HOLY OF HOLIES

Jesus                                 Christ                              Lord
faith                                   hope                               charity
called                                 justified                          glorified
His good will                       His acceptable will             His perfect will
saved                                 being saved                      shall be saved
milk                                bread + wine                        hidden manna (meat)
body                                   soul                                spirit
female                                male                               neither male nor female
spirit salvation                     soul salvation                   body salvation (glorified body)
30 fold                                60 fold                            100 fold
babes                                 young men                       mature sons
water baptism                      Spirit baptism                  fire baptism
letter of the Word                 Spiritual Word                  Risen Word
bud                                     bloom                             fruit
wool                                    linen                              coat of many colors/glory cloud
brass                                   silver                              gold
waters below firmament         firmament                       waters above firmament
Passover                              Pentecost                        Tabernacles
Christ in you                         You in Christ                    Lambkin on Mt.
death                                   life                                 life everlasting
In the beginning,                  The Word was with God,     And the Word was God
  was the Word                     (Emmanuel, God with us)
And Jesus (outer court/female) was the Word (inner court/male) made (one) flesh (Most Holy place). They are neither male nor female in heaven, not because they are neither one or the other, but because they are BOTH. The male (Spirit) has possessed His female (virgin soul). All flesh, therefore, is "female" to God initially (and therefore in the outer court realm, the court of the "women"), because His Spirit is the one that plants the Seed, ie. IS the Seed. The natural realm bears this witness, as always, as babies are all female until a certain point in their development within the womb. Blessings to all........


--- Quote from: claypot on February 28, 2009, 04:13:34 AM ---This is already good. What I am hoping for is that these revelations concerning the tabernacle will change me. I need changing. I feel so carnal lately. To study the word and get cool insights is one thing and to mentally see new things is good but to actually be changed in my very essence is a different thing altogether. cp
--- End quote ---

 :cloud9: A good friend of mine brought it to my attention, what an excellent sentiment and post this is.  :thumbsup:

"He is within this holy tent; the tabernacle of God, burning with love for all mankind, and ready to comfort the afflicted."

The wind tore through the trees with an anguish that tears the heart, as the veil was torn!


 :cloud9: I pulled this over from another thread because I thought it might help here too.

I intended to add some more when I could and I can see I need to explain some of what I posted. There is a macrocosm (world view) and there is a mircocosm (personal view). What I listed in the Tabernacle thread is both at the same time. Let me explain.

In the personal view, all of us obviously have an outer court/body of flesh/desires of the flesh, but we don't all live exclusively out of that realm. But at the same time, in the world view, a lot of people do, that don't yet have a personal relationship with Christ.

The defining factor for whether or not you are in the inner court realm, is whether or not you've been baptized in the HG (regardless of whether or not you speak in tongues). This is an anointing, and the things of the Tabernacle and PEOPLE (priests) were anointed because it meant they were SET APART for service; that's the purpose of anointing.

This is why the candlestick was in this realm because the HG does the works, and the parts of the candlestick reflect both the fruits of the Spirit, and the gifts (gifts that do works empowered by the Spirit) of the Spirit. Hope this helps....

 :cloud9: Looks like Taffy heard you, cp.... :bigGrin:


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