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EDIT NOV 29: Blargh, never mind. It seems to be a bunch of corporate stuff that comes out the rear end of a male bovine.

I just found it tonight. I don't know what you guys and gals think about coincidences, but I was on DeviantArt and the ad banner for this kept popping up on the site as I browsed. I even decided not to post or mention this website and go back to DeviantArt, but the banner kept popping up. I just recently began to really accept the restoration of all things.

This site struck me as being conducive the God's love for all people. There are many different kinds of Christians who post on this site, but it looks cool so far. Here is what I posted on the forum as to what the logo meant to me:

The biohazard symbol juxtaposed with the statement "God still loves us" struck me as being a reminder of no matter how horrible things have become in the world, God still loves humanity. No matter how much pollution, bioweapons, war, or whatever horrible things we create, God is still there with open arms to help us if we ask.

Edit: Now that I think about more, the biohazard really grabs people's attention. Maybe it is also a representation of God yelling at us, saying "Hey, I love you!"

The pictures on the site are photoshopped, so they are not advocating grafiti. The only thing about this website is the "redeem" page. If you go look at that particular part of the site, you might see why I still find it a little questionable despite it's overall coolness.

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