Author Topic: anyone interested to travel space with me some day?  (Read 1039 times)

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anyone interested to travel space with me some day?
« on: July 14, 2008, 08:07:32 PM »
Ok this is a pet idea of mine. I've always LOVED the idea of space travel as put forth in various scifi stories. And I do think it's what's gonna await most of us after there is a new Heaven and a new Earth.

Now I have a dear friend who also loves the idea. He's not a christian, but UR takes care of him not being left behind as well. I think he'll be on the boat too.

Anyone of you having the same dream? Ever thought what mankind would be doing after the 2nd coming of Jesus? Eternity awaits us. And the universe is endless. Means, we would have enough to do with settling it, perhaps even terraforming some planets. And who knows, maybe there are also aliens out there.

Just no space wars please. I believe mankind simply doesn't have an idea about how far goodness goes. How many good activities would be there for us to enjoy under God's inspiration.

Anyone here having the same dream? Remember me when you wake up on the new Earth!


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Re: anyone interested to travel space with me some day?
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2008, 12:13:17 AM »
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Re: anyone interested to travel space with me some day?
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2008, 01:43:21 AM »

I will look for you when I arrive.

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Re: anyone interested to travel space with me some day?
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2008, 01:43:37 AM »
I dream of having my own planet someday with a star or two. I can live where I want to live on it and maybe create some more humans or whatever they are called at that point. If this earth is the only planet that has humans on it who is to say we won't be creating more humans on other planets. Start this process all over again.  :dontknow:  Didn't God tell Abraham is seed would be as the dust of the earth? Or as many as the stars? I don't believe there has been that many people on earth yet.



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Re: anyone interested to travel space with me some day?
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2008, 02:31:20 AM »
The thread's about space travel and not about aliens.  Alien threads tend to get a bit too heated around here, so let's not go there again, please :sigh: 

However, I was watching one of my favorite movies last night, "Chariots of Fire," and the passage got quoted or read out of Isaiah from the KJV about the nations being as a drop in the bucket to the Lord.  That may be one of the stronger implicit Scriptures about extra-terrestrials.  If anybody's been like me in having pretty much always blown off that movie, for whatever reason, irritated by the piano piece or whatever :laughing7: -- I saw it for the very first time last year and now I can't see it enough when they show it on television.  I'm going to get a copy of it eventually.  It's the perfect movie parable for when you're thinking through St. Paul's comments about running the race, according to the rules.  Sabbatarian issue comes up, and if that's [particularly] a pet peeve of anybody, then the movie might not be the best choice for anyone particularly bothered by Christians that almost treat not keeping the Sabbath as one of the worse things that you could do.  I personally don't care 'cause according to St. Paul everyday's the Lord's and I try to live as though that's true.  Everyday to me is the Sabbath, so whatever.  Really really cool movie, though, unless you get that as a plank in your eye.  I hope it's eventually one of those movies that's eventually re-released at the movie threatre like a small handful of movies have been.  Few movies are as wholesome and inspiring.

The nations are as a drop in the bucket, and are pretty much regarded by Him as nothing, or less than nothing.  This universe has got to be soooo huge with such amazing and amazingly enjoyable planets!!  I'm on the very first Starship out of here!  Seriously!!  The Universe is way tooooo beautiful, too colorful, too romantic, too refreshing to look at, oddly encouraging in it's own way when you see pictures of it; it's too inspiring, creates too much worship in me towards my God, and is a part of the inheritance of mankind according to Psalm 8.  The earth's atmosphere is currently corrupted, so you really don't see all of the psychedelic colors that are out there.  But if there's no habitable planets out there and the idea of planets with life on them beyond our own were ever proven to have been the absolute madness of the carnal mind of man -- you still can't deny that the fireworks display with all of the colors that God threw out there are hypnotic, even if we genuinely were all there was to life in this universe.

Every color you can think of.  A larger color spectrum is out there than the one you've seen on this planet.  There's more colors out there than you've ever seen.  And yet, it's not hippie vomit on a canvas.  It's from the Original Artist and it's all perfectly lit, and none of the colors clash.


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Re: anyone interested to travel space with me some day?
« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2008, 04:12:12 AM »
 :hithere: raise your hand if you were there for the release of 2001: A Space Oddessey-- in 1968? The Apollo 11 would be landing on the moon the very next year....everyone was excited about the plan to go to the moon and our imaginations were running WILD with where we might go after that! Everyone was SURE that by the year 2001, we'd all be running around in jetcars, etc. I couldn't WAIT to see the movie that summer!

Okay, now....speaking about all those colors, Martin....Raise your hand if you thought you were going to throw up watching the psychedelic travel scene with all the WEIRD COLORS! :hithere: