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The Little Horn
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Daniel 11:36-45; 12;7 gives a profile of the little horn, king of the northern Middle East. He is the one that Daniel is shown in his earlier vision coming out of the northern division of Alexander's divided empire (Syrio/Babylonia)  .... at the time of the end (Daniel 8:9) .... the vision ends with the fall and division of of Alexander's kingdom before the first century and the jumps directly to the time of the end of this present age

This geographical area of the Middle East was ruled by the northern Greek kings before the first century and Daniel views the little horn arising out of the same area at the time of the end.

This vision contains a number of attributes describing him, his rise to power, his rule of the Middle East, his dealings with other parts of the world, and his eventual demise.

The entity in view is Abaddon, the first beast of Revelation, who will manifest himself in the little horn, human king of the north.

His attributes are both angelic and human which explains his strange make-up. This creature will be unlike any other king of the Gentiles of the past.

It is very significant to understand that the little horn is the combination of a human being and a fallen angel, both acknowledging Satan as their source of power and authority.

This relationship is similar to the one that God has with Jesus, but not technically the same.

Satan considers himself above or equal with God, Abaddon is his substitute for Jesus (antichrist), and the little horn is Abaddon's manifestation as a human. The application of this truth will reveal the correct interpretation of the vision.

This triad will not be presented as a false Jewish or Christian Messiah, however it will be one that many will be deceived into following.

Satan will also attempt to openly exterminate both the nation of Israel, Christians (Jews or Gentiles), and others who will not follow him. He will be out to win at all costs either by deception or direct elimination.

The king (little horn) behaves according to his will which reflects Abaddon's will under the direction and objectives of Satan. There is a definite inter-dependency reflected in this relationship.

The little horn receives his supernatural abilities and related success from Abaddon who in turn receives his power and authority from Satan.

Satan uses these two agents in his unrelenting pursuit to corrupt and destroy humanity, and to usurp God's authority.

Satan's price is that they both worship him as their god and carry out his purposes on the earth at the time of the end.

Satan's personal presence will be restricted to the earth by God at the time of the end of this present age and he will be prohibited from his access to the heavenly dimensions. His next stop will be the abyss for 1,000 years after he is defeated at Armageddon.

The little horn will not recognize the god(s) of his human ancestors, but will honor Satan, and will consider himself to be above all other gods, real or imagined.

He will consider himself above the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He will have no regard for Jesus who is the Son of God, or any other false gods contrived by humans like the pagan gods.

He will acknowledge Satan as the one and only true god of gods above any other contenders and will claim that he himself is the manifestation of his god.

He will support his authenticity by demonstrating supernatural knowledge and abilities, and by his successes.

His religion will be one that values the ability to wage warfare and destruction. He will honor the god of forces (Satan).

His human ancestors (fathers) were never presented with the direct worship of Satan accompanied by Satan's personal presence and power which will be openly demonstrated to a level never experienced by humans.

Their pagan gods of the past were created by them, were imaginary, and did not exist.

Satan and Abaddon are both real entities and can interact with humans if God permits. In this case God will actually promote this action as part of his judgment process at the time of the end.

He will send strong delusion to a world that refuses to believe the truth about Himself as the only God and Creator of all things including Satan and Abaddon. This delusion is the "lie" that Satan will be allowed to present.

The religion of the little horn will be monotheistic like the religions of Judaism and Christianity. He will claim that his religion supersedes both, and any others that exist at the time ..... my opinion at this time is that his followers will be the adherents of Islam

He will persecute and have put to death those who will not submit to him as the one and only god. His primary targets will be the perceived members of these other two monotheistic religions.

Islam is and has been presented as a monotheistic religion as well, but the Bible does not identify it by name.

The teachings, actions, and extremes of this religion look much like the Bible's description of Satan's system of influence, and control.

I cannot be certain about this because change over time may turn out to create a different landscape. We do not know when these things will begin to take place and it depends on how close we are to the time of the end.

Satan's strategy will include justification for using the most unimaginable destructive forces to eliminate those who will not submit to him.

He will extend Abaddon's rule over many strong holds and he will distribute power, authority, and geographical areas of dominance to those who follow him.

He shall cause them to rule over many and will distribute the land for a price.

Those who oppose him will experience his wrath of unprecedented destruction. Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation note some of the encounters including the elimination and replacement of three of the ten other kings.

He will also destroy the "great city" of Mystery Babylon. The elimination of this great economic power will provide the opportunity for him to expand his Middle Eastern empire further and to dominate the world for a short period of time.

Included will be the defeat of the king of the south and occupation of his land, the invasion, defeat, and occupation of Israel, and of several other countries in the Middle East.

He will also annihilate many in reaction to perceived threats from the north (possibly Russian) and east (possibly China) of Abaddon's base of operations.

Daniel's vision in chapter 8 conveys the dual nature of this final king of the north. He operates as a human king by expanding his earthly empire to the south, the east, and toward the Land of Israel.

He stops Israel from worshiping (daily sacrifice) their God, and gains control of God's temple mount area (place of His sanctuary) which may be the great synagogue at the western wall since the temple itself is no longer there.

His invasion of Israel will include destruction of anything related to the Jews regarding the temple mount and the city of Jerusalem. He will trample the area of the temple, give it to his followers, and control it for 42 months.

John is told in Revelation to measure the temple of God in heaven, but not to measure the temple area that is "without" the earthly temple, for it is given over to the Gentiles to trample for 42 months (3 1/2 years).

He also attempts to eliminate "truth" regarding Israel's covenant relationship with God and he has an army of human followers (host) who serve him in these objectives.

Other significant attributes of this little horn are also revealed in the vision. He has the capacity to engage and defeat some of God's angelic armies (host of heaven).

These angels will be serving God as a restraining force against the little horn's ambitions, but he will have the power and ability to overcome them.

This reveals that the little horn is more than just a human king. He is also Abaddon the beast of Revelation 13 and 17 who will incarnate and possess the king, becoming the eighth king himself.

He will be able to defeat some of the angelic host of heaven, an army that will even include archangels (stars) who cannot restrain him. An ordinary human king cannot do this.

He will defeat the military and economic power of Israel and the same of other prominent world governments. He will also destroy and scatter a major portion of Israel's population.

Abaddon is a very powerful and destructive angelic creature, possibly the most powerful of the fallen angels next to Satan himself.

Abaddon's own strength will be greatly enhanced directly by Satan, and he will be supported by the other fallen angels who join him.

He will even stand up against Jesus (Prince of Princes), but will be defeated at Armageddon and thrown into the lake of fire.

God will turn on him after using him for His judgment process. God will focus His wrath on Abaddon's occupied territories in the Middle East and on the base of his operations.

Abaddon will react in desperation, calling on all forces at his disposal including the armies of the kings of the nations that are left.

It is interesting to note that the Euphrates River will dry up to make way for the armies of the kings that come from the east.

They will move from a staging point at the mouth of the Persian Gulf to another staging area north of Israel located in Syria.

The bed of the entire Euphrates will be used for transporting the armies. The river bed is shallow and has a uniformly flat bottom. The maximum distance traveled will be about 1,500 miles.

God will defeat them at the battle of Armageddon. The little horn (Abaddon's human manifestation), his armies, and allies will die in the battle. Abaddon will be destroyed in the lake of fire and Satan will be sent to the abyss.

One should be careful to notice that Daniel's vision beginning in chapter 11:36 is continuous including chapter 12. The little horn, king of the north, is referred to as the one ("he") who invades and conquers Israel in chapter 12:7.

His agenda (all of these things) listed in chapter 11:36-44 will be completed by the end of 1,260 days (first half of the 70th week). He will then set up the abomination of desolation and begin his 42 month (1,260 day) rule.

Daniel then asks what will happen to Israel after being conquered by the little horn. His is told that there will be a total of 1,335 from when the abomination of desolation is set up to the end of the days of tribulation for Israel.

The additional 75 days include 30 days of God's wrath (7 vials) against his kingdom and his defeat at Armageddon.

There will be another 45 days for gathering the elect of Israel and the separation of the Gentile nations for entrance into the 1,000 year earthly kingdom of Jesus.

The destruction of Jerusalem (the city) and the sanctuary (place of worship) will take place 110 days after the abomination of desolation is set up on the temple mount.

There will the be another 1,150 days (2,300 mornings and evenings) before Jerusalem and the temple mount are restored to Israel at the end of the tribulation period (110 days + 1,150 days = 1,260 days).

God's wrath will then be directed at the little horn and his followers during the next 30 days. The beginning of this action will draw the little horn away from Jerusalem and the temple mount and both will be recaptured by Israel.

His kingdom will begin to come apart and he will be forced to fight Jesus and the remnant of Israel at Armageddon. He will come to his end in total defeat.
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