Author Topic: From Genesis to Revelation, why Important?  (Read 366 times)

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From Genesis to Revelation, why Important?
« on: March 24, 2013, 07:50:51 PM »
  :hiya: I think perhaps some brethren here at tentmaker forum, have (very peacefully) :smile: misunderstood some of the things I post, and is the reason I mention the following.

We can hear people of the world in mistaken perception, blame God, or rather, actually, hate God, because of life as we presently know it, with all its sufferings and even horrors (wars, etc). But all things are PERFECT! Because it is, all, His powerful (very powerful) truth drama wherein He is writing upon EVERY heart, mind and psyche` the full knowing and understanding of good from evil, which (btw, and imo) is also life(Him!) from death. And learning beyond the shadow of a doubt that God is all in all. Therefor this life and all history has been, and is, "perfect"! If, He was creating a universe where all will, would, could, go their own way, and each creature get to 'choose' good from evil -- what we would have, is what we do have, now.

All things are in God's will and choice. But, God is doing a very serious and important work. One (imo) we should not deny, for then, perhaps, we work against Him!

I'm a staunch literalist :smile: because I believe God is working out very important purpose.. from Genesis to Revelation.

hope you don't mind my trying to clarify.. :Peace2::HeartThrob:
2nd Advent ='s ?
 (1)Trumpets + (2)DOA + (3)Tabernacles = PROOF of UR & God's utter Perfection.
[(1)Rev 16:14,15 & 16 too + (2)the 2nd Resurrection & Grt Day of Judgment/Review + (3)Rev 21:3 & all things new]

Who, after experiencing being resurrected, etc. isn't going to "believe"? And repent? and thus have their names written in the Book of "Life"?
About the fall, thus unveiling, of man's empires (built on sand) - there's no dates, but imo, there is a calendar, a counting backwards, & it uses concrete, landmark signs.

"Who is this?That even the wind and waves obey?" Mark 4:41