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Postmillenial interpretation of Revelation 19:11-16

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I'm afraid I cannot subscribe to a Postmillenial interpretation, but will nonetheless offer support to Walvoord's teaching of the stars falling to earth. If the earth were to suddenly tilt on it's axis (which has happened many times before and is expected to happen again soon), the constellations as we now see them would suddenly fall from view over the horizon. This also explains the unprecedented Biblical event we know as "Joshua's Long Day".

Jesus is coming where Satan works.   In the heart of man, satan being the causes of death by that which is enmity with the truth and ways of God.  It is the spirit of man that does not and is not able to know the things of God.  Jesus' coming in man's spirit is the "arrival" of that which has been "coming" for centuries.  The maturity of GOD in man as who the spiritually mature man is and this has been being worked out with and within mankind for eons of time.  We are now at the "finish" of the finisher of all else that remains to be done after the maturity is actually ruling in the creation.  It is only after that that all things will be "made" by the SON with the Father IN HIM.

2 Thessalonians 2 tells us that Jesus is going to destroy the man of sin, {natural adam's spiritual nature} by the SPIRIT of his mouth {the sword of his mouth mentioned elsewhere in this thread} and by the brightness of His coming  {the way daylight shines from the east to the west, not everywhere at once but by the end of one day it has shone to the whole earth}.  This is in the heart of man where Jesus destroys everything by His resurrection in us to be who we will be, by revealing and destroying everything IN US that does not LOVE THE TRUTH.   In the KJV it may seem to some that Jesus comes to destroy the man of sin, and then a few passages later seems to be "literally" supporting him.  Not so.  It is to the heart of man, where Satan works, that Christ now is coming and has been for quite a while now.  Pentecostalism is the "Elijah" understanding that must first come.

But that understanding, as John the Baptist said of himself, knows Christ not and is not that light and can not loose his shoes.   Pentecostalism has not really known him and therefore has at times been very discreditable, but now it too is decreasing as the truth of the Spirit of God increases in them and us all.
The whole scripture has to be understood according to how the Spirit that GIVES life fulfills them and not to how man and his natural or worldly spiritual identification would have it done.   As you know, when man is a child spiritually, even though an heir at some later date, he is under the elements of the world, the beggarly elements or ways and operations of the natural world where death and destruction is a way of existence.  Until Christ puts all in order AFTER his appearing in mankind so mankind may do those greater works Jesus talked about.

God bless, donken
God bless, ken


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