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The 7 Kingdoms of the "Woman"
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There are seven stages of the kingdoms of lost humanity (symbol of the woman in Revelation 17 and 18) recorded in the scope of Bible prophecy. The time frame begins with development shortly after the flood and ends with a worldwide condition at the time of the end. Five of the stages are historical and the scope is limited to the Middle East. The two remaining stages are future and the scope is both worldwide and Middle Eastern. The Lord first reveals his view of lost humanity in the process of organizing for self determined separation from Him by building cities shortly after the flood in the Middle East. He then reveals this same condition existing at the time of the end on a global scale and His related actions to eliminate it. [Genesis 10:10-11, 11:1-9] [Revelation 17,18]

The visions and records of the O.T. prophets provide details of all seven stages with focus on the Middle East, and the Book of Revelation notes all seven providing a broader view of last two which includes the Middle East specifically and the rest of the world in general. There is a break in the scope of all of the visions between the 5th and 6th stages and this period of human history is not included in the scope of the visions. The condition of lost humanity is expanded in Revelation and includes a great city and all of the other cities in the world at the end of this present age. The picture is one of the great city connected with all others on a global scale. [Daniel 2:31-45, 7:3-27,] [Revelation 17,18]

The term kingdom implies a human king position (government) ruling over a geographical territory with human inhabitants representing the extents of the king's dominion or control over the area. The seven stages of these kingdoms are referred to as mountains upon which the woman, the condition of lost humanity, sits. The change from one stage to the next indicates the change in human government, or ruling authority. All of these seven stages noted are Middle Eastern oriented. [Daniel 2:31-45, 7:3-27,] [Revelation 17]

These stages are also referred to as the seven heads (dominions) of the beast. This description adds another factor and indicates satanic rule over each. Satan has entered into and has become the god of lost humanity. He does this by and through a structure of other powers and principalities who rebelled with him against God long ago and they are the fallen angelics who worship Satan as god. [Daniel 10:20-21] [Revelation 12:3-17, 9:1-2, 9:11, 9:15-16, 11:7, 13:4, 17:8-14]

The particular beast represented in Revelation is Abaddon (apollyon), the destroyer, and angelic king of the abyss. He is also seen in Daniel's visions as the little horn, the last human king of the north in the Middle East. He is both because he becomes the little horn by incarnation and full possession. He once ruled five dominions of the past in the Middle East and will come out of the abyss to rule his next two in succession there at the time of the end. [Daniel 7:8 7:19-20, 8:9, 8:23-25, 9:26, 11:36-45, 12:7]

The scope of the visions of five of the stages of lost humanity of the past is limited to the Middle East and includes Satan's primary dominions of the Land of Magog, and the next four successors of this geographical area which included Assyrian, neo-Babylonian, Persian, and northern Greek rule. Each dominion expanded in size until Alexander's Asian empire was divided resulting in a smaller northern dominion ruled by a successor general. The last Greek king to hold the king position in the scope of visionary prophecy was Antiochus IV. [Daniel 2, 7, 8:3-8, 11:2-4, 11:21-35]

Alexander is noted as a "great horn" because of the extent and size of His initial dominion. The next ruler of a diminished kingdom noted in this vision is the "little horn" of the time of the end. He is noted as a little horn because his dominion will be small at first, and it will include the ancient Land of Magog. The reader should recognize that this transition moves directly from the end of Greek rule before the first century to the time of the end. There is nothing in the scope of the vision between these two dominions. [Daniel 8:8-13, 8:23-25, 11:36-45, 12:7]

The Book of Revelation expands the scope of the seven kingdoms of the woman (where the condition of lost humanity sits) to reveal all of the kingdoms (governments) and their cities in the world at the time of the end. This condition is global and there is a great city which is dominating all of the rest. The specific and Middle Eastern dominions of the beast (where the woman sits as well) are represented by his last two heads, the 6th and the 7th. His five ancient dominions have already fallen and are historical. [Revelation 17, 18]

Daniel's visions give us the symbolic links of the beast's past rule in the Middle East (five fallen) and also two in the future, the 6th and the 7th that will exist in succession during the time of the end. The leopard, bear, and lion symbols represent three of his past dominions. The little horn, king of the north, will begin with a smaller dominion at first and then expand it into the next which will include most of the Middle East at the time of the end. The beast, who is Satan's agent controlling the little horn, is described with the symbols of his past ancient Middle Eastern rule. [Daniel 7:3-7, 8:9, 8:23-25, 11:36-45, 12:7] [Revelation 13:2

Further revelation indicates that there will be 10 other kings existing at the time the little horn rises at the time of the end. He will unite them and they will eventually share power and authority with him in ruling his 7th dominion. It is this alliance that will attack and destroy the great city of the woman (lost humanity), which will have a huge financial and economic impact on a global scale. This specific part of lost humanity will not be located in the Middle East dominated by the little horn and the other 10 kings. Satan will also drive his agents and followers to attack, invade, and occupy the Holy Land. This will include unbelieving Israel as part of lost humanity, except for a believing remnant (the woman of Revelation 12 symbolizes this remnant). [Ezekiel 38,39] [Zechariah 12,13,14] [Daniel 7:7,20, 11:41, 12:7] [Revelation 12:1-2,5-6,13-17, 17:3,12,16]

These are the IDs of Satan (the dragon), the woman (lost humanity), the great city, the beast, the little horn (king of the north), the 10 horns (10 kings), and the beast's seven dominions. The Lord is going to judge the woman (all of lost humanity) during his hour of trial including the great city first, then Israel and then all of the other cities, destroy the beast and those parts of unbelieving humanity who will follow him, eliminate human rule, and bar Satan from interaction for 1,000 years. He will then restore the kingdom to national Israel and rule the earth from Jerusalem for the same time frame of 1,000 years. [Revelation 17,18,19,20]