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letters to 7 churches correspond to 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 bowls in # order

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I'd noticed about a year ago while reading my Scarlett's New Testament that the 7 seals seemed to overlap with the 7 trumpets which would overlap with the 7 bowls, but just this evening noticed an overlapping with the 7 letters, so that:

letter to 1st church goes with 1st seal, 1st trumpet, and 1st bowl;
letter to 2nd church goes with 2nd seal, 2nd trumpet, and 2nd bowl;
letter to 3rd church goes with 3rd seal, 3rd trumpet, and 3rd bowl;
letter to 4th church goes with 4th seal, 4th trumpet, and 4th bowl;
letter to 5th church goes with 5th seal, 5th trumpet, and 5th bowl;
letter to 6th church goes with 6th seal, 6th trumpet, and 6th bowl;
letter to 7th church goes with 7th seal, 7th trumpet, and 7th bowl.

At first, second, and third glance, they don't seem to perfectly parallel, but there will be enough of a coincidental similarity of details to where it's worth setting up 4 columns with 14 lines a piece in ms word or on a private webpage for any of you with your own websites so that you can list the category of each above each of the Scriptures from left to right, so that in private you can consider letter 1 with seal 1, trumpet 1, and bowl 1, etc.  One of the letters to one of the churches will say that those who are worthy will dwell with Him dressed in white, and the corresponding judgment further in the book of revelation will mention the souls of those under the altar that are given white robes.  Under one trumpet a third of the creatures in the sea (perhaps the Mediteranean) dies, while in the same corresponding bowl you'll have every single living thing in the sea die, so that perhaps what's an initial catastrophe of a third of the creatures in the sea dying isn't checked, but then leads to the death of every living thing in that sea.  7th trumpet that ends with the sickle judgments in Revelation 14 could be read with the bowl judgment leading all of the way to the lake of fire judgment in Revelation 20.

7th letter advises buying gold from the Lord that doesn't perish, or something to that effect, while the 7th seal says that all of our prayers are on a golden altar.  False Jews in 6th letter and the sealing of the 144,000 genuine Jews in the 6th seal.  Famine with seal 3, waters are made bitter in trumpet 3, and the people are forced to drink blood with the 3rd bowl.

Each of these is worth looking at in it's apparent grouping together, whether you're leaning towards preterism, futurism, a historicist interpretation, or somewhere between all three of those interpretations.  For ease in putting together your own table in word or in some other way so you can research these in side by side categories, here's how I'm currently studying them:

1st:  Revelation 2:1-7 with Revelation 6:1-2 with Revelation 8:6-7 with Revelation 15:1-16:2

2nd:  Revelation 2:8-11 with Revelation 6:3-4 with Revelation 8:8-9 with Revelation 16:3

3rd:  Revelation 2:12-17 with Revelation 6:5-6 with Revelation 8:10-11 with Revelation 16:4-7

4th:  Revelation 2:18-29 with Revelation 6:7-8 with Revelation 8:12-13 with Revelation 16:8-9

5th:  Revelation 3:1-6 with Revelation 6:9-11 with Revelation 9:1-12 with Revelation 16:10-11

6th:  Revelation 3:7-13 with Revelation 6:12-7:17 with Revelation 9:14-11:14 with Revelation 16:12-16

7th:  Revelation 3:14-22 with Revelation 8:1-5 with Revelation 11:15-14:20 with Revelation 16:17-20:15

On some of these cross references you might see only very slight similarities and compliments, but there's enough here to where it's worth further investigation.  I hope I didn't mess up on any of the references, but I think I've given enough of the general idea.  I'm not yet proposing an interpretation, but just perhaps an interesting way of studying it.

Is the third of what dies in the sea and then later everything that dies in the sea talking about Rome or about a catastrophe with the Mediteranean with the actual sea life?  Preterists, historicists, and futurists may each feel as though they have an interpretation on that, but grouping each of these judgments together like that might enrich each of your interpretations.  Or perhaps it'll give you a starting point if you tend to avoid the book of Revelation 'cause it's one of the parts of the Bible where absolutely everybody's got an opinion and everybody contradicts everybody else, whether Arminian, UR, or Calvinist; Premillenialist, Postmillenialist, or Amillenialist.  It's the only book of the Bible that closes with the promise of an angel accompanying it to testify to you concerning the things that are written in that book (Revelation 22:16).

 :cloud9: Thanks for taking the time to correlate all this Martin....... :thumbsup:

I'll have to do more studying on Passover and all of the traditions associated with it.  One of those, "I need to, but who's got the time??" kinda things...  But as I'm looking at these judgments categorized like this, the book of Revelation is looking more and more like a Passover document.  As I said in my previous post, I'd previously noticed that the 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 bowls seemed to overlap with each other, but when the Holy Spirit said last night for me to have another peak at the letters to the 7 Churches and I sorta caught the gist of what I felt like the Lord was telling me about it, I went to my website and set up a webpage not viewable by others where I could set up 4 columns with 14 rows (7 for the actual Scriptures involved and 7 for a heading over each so that it wouldn't look like cookie-cut gibberish).  And I went to the Concordant website where I could get my hands on a copy of their New Testament without having to type all of that out.  By going to an online copy of the New Testament, then all I had to do was copy/paste the Scriptures into the various columns that I'd created.  I chose the Concordant for this because I wanted a reasonably accurate translation, and it lacks the doctrinal bias that I've detected in Rotherham's.  I wanted to know if I was hearing from the Lord, or if it was just a peculiarity about how my Scarlett's New Testament was translated.  There are soooo many translational mirages out there, so that on some doctrines it won't stand the scrutiny of refering to a different translation, that I just wanted to be sure.  I had been mentally toying with the idea for over a year, as I said.  But when I actually had those Scriptures in front of me in 4 side-by-side columns, that's when I started noticing throughout the night last night and most of this morning that there were more points of similarity than questions about "how does this tie together, if this is the way to read this?"  The 7th letter concludes with Christ's invitation to dine with Him, which the Lord's been telling me recently to take a little more seriously and literally than I had for years and years.  But that's for a different post sometime, when He's explained further or when my life's gotten a bit wilder with a dinner Guest a few times.

Anyway, the 7th letter concludes with Christ's invitation to dine with Him.

There's silence after the 7th seal is opened for half an hour.

Towards the close of the 7th trumpet judgment you've got the reaping of the wicked and of the righteous from the earth.

At the end of the 7th bowl judgment, you've got the White Throne Judgment.

So, perhaps, tying the above together, the White Throne Judgment might only be 30 minutes.  Talk about Daddy being a speed reader when the Books are opened!!

With the blowing of the 7th trumpet the woman (whom some interpret to be Israel) is nourished by God in the wilderness.  And lastly, with the pouring out of the 7th bowl, it says "Happy are those who are invited to the wedding dinner of the Lambkin."

Angels or human messengers are loosed at the Euphrates River with the 6th trumpet, while with the 6th bowl the Euphrates River is dried up to make a path for the road for the kings of the orient to be made ready.

This is getting more and more interesting as I'm looking at it.

It's seeming more and more to me as a Passover document where we're seeing all of the judgments that lead towards our passage from old earth to new earth.  I don't [yet] know enough about Passover to say this authoritatively, but there's a chance that the 7 letters, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and the 7 bowls synchronize with each of the 7 days of Passover and the traditions/fulfillments related to that.  For Preterists, obviously, it would enhance their view that the book of Revelation is the passage from the old wineskin of Judaism to the new wineskin of Christianity.  But to me, the prophecies are a little too detailed to be limited to that.

I think that I finally understood why the Church Fathers narrowly allowed the book of Revelation into the canon.  The very first verse of the Book of Revelation says that the whole revelation is a message delivered by an angel.  Paul, in Colossians, viewed angelic revelations of a doctrinal nature to be, at best, "suspect."  If the Book of Revelation was written as early as some have insisted, then perhaps the Book of Revelation was being criticized by Paul, in particular, in Colossians.

For several reasons that I'll have to elaborate at either a later date, or on a different website, I believe that we're in the time period of the opening of the 3rd and 4th seals.  Again, starting with the letters, the spirit of Balaam in the Church where preachers are trying to keep people out of the various areas of "promised land" that the Lord's ministered to them regarding.  Balaam is beating his donkey, in various ways, literally, figuratively and metaphorically.  Jezabel is present with the sexual looseness even in Churches, and the eating of foods and animals that have been sacrificed to/by corporate idolatry.  Jesus is presently killing kids born of this Jezabel spirit, perhaps up to and including the abortion issue -- 'cause at any other time in history, people that know how to pray and have the fullness of the Spirit would have stopped abortion before it had gone an entire year.  But it's only continued to get crazier and crazier, so that it makes you have to take another look at the Letter to the Church at Thyatira.

The postmillenial hope/expectation of reigning with Christ on this earth prior to the return of Christ is growing in people who'd view themselves as premillenialists, which logically doesn't work 'cause "any moment now" they're supposed to go sailing off into the sky.  Interesting things have been happening with the sun, moon, and stars; people are getting sick from the sun. 

In fulfillment of the Hosea 2:18; Jeremiah 31:27-28 covenant, animals are starting to lose their fear of man as they're being lead towards Isaiah chapter 11, but currently they still have their wildness of Psalm 104 to where they'll corner you and eat your lunch.  So, we have that going on, in addition to the protective promises of God starting to kick in, in the behalf of animals, so that those that harm animals are themselves now being harmed.  Diseases are coming upon mankind through animals, and various other things are happening so that you have death coming upon mankind through the beasts of the earth in Revelation 6:8 and the daily newspapers.  The economy is at best, questionable.  All of these things relate to the third and fourth seals, third and fourth letters, third and fourth trumpets, and third and fourth bowls.

 :cloud9: Well, I definitely think you're on to something there. He's only shown me bits and pieces out the book so far, but all on a personal relating to individuals, since it all takes place inside the temple, whose temple we are. I know the natural bears witness in many ways also. I will definitely take a look at what it looks like on your website. Thanks, again, for taking the time to do it.......... :thumbsup:

The parallel 7's regarding The Book of Revelation in particular is dealt with in a 49 page book by David Ebaugh (an engineer and inventor who worked at NASA) free online.  (Please ignore reference to Revelation"-s" by whoever linked it.)  Please avail yourselves of a remarkable study.  He has other good stuff. 


the home page is:  http://www.davidebaugh.info/introduction.htm


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