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Islam in Bible Prophecy
« on: May 28, 2009, 06:42:22 AM »
There is an eerie resemblance of the teachings, practices, and ambitions of fundamental Islam to the Biblical descriptions of events recorded in visions of the prophets for the time of the end.

We cannot be certain about a connection since the religion is not referred to by name in any Scripture.

Neither can we know the beginning of the Day of The Lord (70th week) which could be scheduled for a time far beyond the current prevalence of Islam.

There is the possibility that we are close to the start of the events that will lead up to the second coming of Jesus.

If so, then careful study and observation of an Islamic presence in the Middle East and the rest of the world should be essential for the student of Bible prophecy.

There are over one and one half billion adherents of the religion on earth today and this number is growing.

Two hundred and eighty million currently reside in the various countries that surround the nation of Israel.

This monotheistic religion of Mohammed's was developed around 600 A.D. and has its foundational beliefs rooted in the early generations of Abraham's offspring set in contrast against the lineage of Isaac and Jacob.

Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau, and Israel and the Arabs represent this divisive theme set by God which extends from its beginnings to the present day.

God has purposely separated the two lines of Abraham's descendants and has favored Israel with His Covenant regarding the Land of Israel and the future of a worldwide Kingdom ruled by their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Islam's teaching attempts to build on the opposite position, namely that the same promises should be applied to Arabic and other adherents of Islam's national status rather than the nation of Israel.

It appears to me that Mohammed's objectives were to develop theology which directly contradicts the Bible.

His claim was that the Old Testament was corrupted by the Jews and that he was given additional revelation to correct the errors.

The concept is extended further to reveal that the Jews are actually the descendants of monkeys and pigs because of a curse placed on them by Allah for corrupting the Bible.

This type of reasoning exposes Mohammed's obvious lack of intelligence and insight which would place his claim to be a messenger from God in question.

Israel has failed to meet God's plans and objectives in many ways, but God has never referred to them or any other humans as monkeys and pigs.

I might add that there are apostate "Christian" denominations who also refute Israel's national position as God's covenant nation.

They claim the same promises of God given to Israel for themselves and this seems to be a standard position held by most of them.

Comparison of the Bible, Koran, and the traditions of apostate Christianity will reveal exactly opposite or widely varied positions on significant subjects.

Students of Bible prophecy need to take note that many of the dogmatic positions of this type are satanically inspired.

Believers in Jesus may have different views regarding their interpretation and their understanding of prophecy and other Scriptures, but they do not move away from the foundational truths of the Bible.

A study of the Koran and many Christian traditions reveal that the claims of the adherents not only oppose the Word of God, they also contain many contradictions and a great deal of confusion themselves.

Islam presents a direct refutation of the basic foundational beliefs of true Christianity including the belief in God's Son Jesus Christ.

God does not have a Son according to the Koran and there are many other fundamental Biblical truths that Islam either denies, ignores, or attempts to change.

The coming of the "lawless one" the beast, antichrist, little horn, will incorporate an attempt to openly change the "times and the laws" of the Biblically based festivals, seasons, and legalisms of orthodox Judaism.

The purpose will be to eradicate anything connecting the nation of Israel with the past, present, or future. This action will also include claiming the promises contained in the covenants that God has with Israel for the religious cult of the beast.

Satan's covenant may be one that already exists in religious practice today and is the replacement with its own existing times and laws including the destruction of Israel and all who will not submit.

Apostate Christian traditions including various Christian cults have replaced basic fundamental Biblical truths with their own replacement theologies.

They often focus their adherents on very specific exclusive requirements for acceptance by the group. Some even claim that it is their own exclusive law(s) that they have adopted from Judaism which will be the target of Satan's antichrist.

One example is the dispute regarding on which day of the week Christians should gather for worshiping God. They interpret the changing of the "times and the laws" to mean those held by their church.

Their doctrines also include salvation by works and keeping legalisms which are unsupported by Scripture. The salvation of the believer is based exclusively upon God's grace and by faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

They claim special revelation and traditional teachings of their leaders and add them to the basic tenets of Scripture.

Much harm has been committed by those who have acquired the name of Christianity for their own motivations and purposes.

Jesus spoke about them when He said that they would come in His name and would deceive many. He said,

"Do not be deceived,
for many shall come in My Name
and shall deceive many people"
[Matthew 25:5]

This response to questions asked about His second coming is first and foremost before any of the other significant events or signs are given.

Deception has existed within professing Christianity since the first century and Jesus gives specific warning about it before He continues with the rest of His response regarding the time of the end.

Mohammed was a descendant of Ishmael and a self-appointed prophet who was raised in the deserts of Arabia. His family were pagans and they worshiped a pantheon of false gods, one of which was Allah.

This god is the moon-god that was worshiped by the ancient Middle Eastern cultures of the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and neo-Babylonians.

The pre-Islamic Arabians worshiped this same god whose symbol is the crescent moon and this fact has been verified by recent archeological discoveries.

Mohammed claimed he was visited by Gabriel who is God's angel assigned to reveal truths to the prophets of Israel.

Gabriel supposedly gave Mohammed the inspiration to write the Koran and to worship the one and only true god Allah.

My opinion is that Mohammed contrived all of this himself or was actually visited by satanic spirits, possibly by Satan himself.

If one believes the Bible then Allah is a fictitious god who does not exist. There is only one true God, the God of the Bible. He has revealed Himself in the form of His Son Jesus Christ.

All other gods are imaginary concepts contrived by humans which can be covers for satanic influence and deception.

In any case it appears to me that Satan's foot prints are all over this religion considering the overt beliefs and behavior of its adherents.

Satan also has, does, and will walk in a more subtle manner through the halls of false Christianity.

His primary objectives include placing himself above God, denying the deity of Jesus, destroying God's covenant people Israel, and eliminating all humans who are trusting in Jesus Christ for eternal life.

There is very little difference between these objectives and the teachings of Islam which is a replacement theology for both Judaism and fundamental Christianity.

The adherents of Islam are influenced to please their god by eliminating all humans (infidels) who will not submit to their god Allah.

There seems to be no limit to the insidious methods used by the leaders and the followers of fundamental Islamic terrorism in this process.

One method of killing Christian martyrs who will not worship the beast during the tribulation period will be by beheading.

This practice is prescribed by the teachings of Islam and is currently being carried out by radical Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.

Are these radical elements truly believers of the Islamic faith ? I think that they are.

This would be difficult to prove, but I get the impression that they have a definite reliance and belief beyond ordinary human limitations.

Their ultimate ambition is to obtain world domination which they believe will require the intervention of their god Allah on their behalf.

Do the so called moderate members of Islam have the same beliefs and ambitions ? I believe they do, but possibly in a different way at this time.

The tenets of the religion require ultimate victory for the followers of Allah and they could not be truly Islamic if any of these beliefs were not adhered to.

Is it possible that Islam could be the cult worship of the beast of Revelation 13 and 17 ? It is possible, but we must not jump to conclusions and become too dogmatic about this possibility.

Islamic writings predict the coming of the "Mahdi", the 12th Imam who will conquer the world for Allah and followers. This could very well be a setup for Satan's christ (antichrist, beast, Abaddon, little horn).

The Bible is the only trusted authority regarding future predictions by its prophets. The visions recorded in Scripture are always 100% accurate by evidence of past events and will be the same for events that are yet future.

Conditions on the earth can change over time and the student of Bible prophecy must realize this and be willing to make adjustments to current observations related to the prophetic Scriptures.

Future prophetic events for the end of this age will become reality when God triggers them and they will be exactly like the Bible describes them. There will be no question about it.

The student of Bible prophecy would know this without a doubt when the events of the 70th week suddenly come into view in vivid reality.

How could the Islamic adherents of the Middle East become a dominating world force given the existence of today's greater nations with superior military capabilities?

The trump card for them could be the coming of the lawless one, the beast, Abaddon, the little horn who will possess extraordinary powers and abilities far beyond those of ordinary humans.

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Re: Islam in Bible Prophecy
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"STEPHEN   "Revelation's unfolding is revolving and repetitive""

Revelation 21:6 (King James Version)
 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.