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Doomsday 2012: The End of Days

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I just watched part of this program on cable...Doomsday 2012:  The End of Days.  It discussed Merlin, the Mayans, the Hopi, web-bot, and the Book of Revelation as all pointing towards a "culmination"/cataclysmic event on Dec. 21, 2012.  I know probably all of us have heard pieces of this, but it got me interested in what folks on here thought about that.  It sure seems like a lot of coincidences that there is so much "prophesy" (I'm not contending that's what Revelation is saying) saying much of the same thing.

A couple of things that jumped out at me...I believe it was the Hopi prophecies that said the water would rise, the sun would get hotter, and earthquakes would occur in many places, and there would be a "spider-web" around the earth.  The tie-in there was then with web-bot, which is a huge www program that has been scanning info, trends, etc., since the 1990's and making predictions from that...in June 2001 it made the prediction that an event would soon occur that would forever change the way we lived in the U.S....and further, it's one more "voice" saying 2012 is a major date.

I for one believe many things did come to pass in 70 AD.  But even so, does that preclude any significance to all the above?

God in all this (including the Hopi and Merlin, a "magician")?  Satan using as part of his agenda (I acknowledge some don't see Satan as a being)?  Our imagination?  Other options?

 :cloud9: I call it seeing thru a glass darkly, myself. I don't believe any of their stuff personally, and I don't necessarily think they even "prophesied" half of what they are all being attributed with. But it does sell magazines, and promote fear, much like the 1999 fear of everything going down. My  :2c: Blessings....


For me:

any type end time senerio men come up with will NOT be how it happens, thats just the way God works.


Rapture, trinity, endtimes... words we dont find in the
Word of God, yet the "imaginations" of men can
cause earthquakes, terror and fear in multitudes.
Believers KNOW we are working in the NEW.....
Isa.48:6-7 & Isa.43:19-21
The last book is REVELATION an Uncovering of the
BEGINNING...... not the end.

Paul Hazelwood:

James, none of this is directed at you.

Of all my stuggles, these types of predictions or warnings is something I have never feared, never cared about, never concerned about.

As with many "predictions" someone is only declared correct when the truth manifests.  How many end times predictions from Christians must people endure before realizing that sooner or later someone is going to happen to guess the right date.  Thats assuming the end of the earth is even going to happen in the manner people may think in the first place. 

I see it along these lines.   I can predict the end of the world if it happens in my life time by simply saying each day that I predict the world will end.

Then on that fateful day I can say, "see I told ya".  If I am wrong I can say, "What if I had been right,  were you ready?"

It's all about fear, its all about the religious nonsense of turn or burn.

People do not like what I say, but I say, let the world end and good riddance to it, lets get it over with already.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy things the best I can, go to movies, make friends and share the lack of fear that I do have.


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