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Doomsday 2012: The End of Days

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What is was the name of the thread?

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I tried things like "prophecy tentmaker discussion forum molly"

Retrieving things from cache is quite cumbersome. Likely history is full of holes. I was able to find a few pages.





well you did better than me   :thumbsup:

marie glen:
hi! this is in response to the original post - "Doomsday 2012:  The End of Days"
Lately I feel like fall of 2012 is a very important crossroads. I feel and am quite sure there are very strong and powerful forces at work to bring the U.S. into decline which will make the world a far less safe place, more dangerous than it is now (and by far).
- I am hoping that all of God's own know this and are and will be in deep prayer, not letting anything hinder our prayers, knowing that any work to be done in the world (and in our person too of course) needs to be done via the Spirit and not the flesh.
- - You wrote "I for one believe many things did come to pass in 70 AD." - - I do too! But like many others who like to study Bible prophecy I strongly believe prophecy is a repeating pattern and also is "parallel" with a more 'immediate' fulfillment in the day the prophesy is given and another in the culmination of human history.. the 'end' of the story (aka drama) when of course men's empires, works and creation falls ["she is fallen! fallen!" ($ity BabbleOn)  Rev 18-long after ancient Babylon had fallen; and 20 years aFter 70A.D].  Now why would Jesus send a most important message and vision to His people (with lots of fanfare I might add) promising special blessings to those who "hear it" and "heed it" (1:3) and a curse to any who take away from it (22:19) if He did not intend for His people to read it, hear it and heed it???
- We can see the book of revelation very clearly around us!! I prayed earnestly for understanding the vision and prophecy and here's what came back to me, kind of like 'boom, boom, boom!' -- There are five main characters/villains if you will, like a pentagram, 5 -- ciTy babylon(#1) is the city/global economy which is coming about and seduces all 7 continents with her enchantments(greek word"pornos" and "sell"/ using said enchantments to sell) - The title "mystery babble"(#2) is all and any untrue thing, all error and untruth, we can tell there is the two, for this one is what is "responsible for all blood shed" (since Cain slew Abel) end rev 18, and is the foundation of ciTy BabbleOn. In Rev ch 13 there are TWO beasts, a world beast (or body(#3) verses 1-10, and a 'little' beast'(#4) verses11-18, this one being a "man" (or actually two horned office of, for we have "his number" vs 18; this office is the one which brought (a new) fire down (upon man) upon earth in the sight of man(vs13:13; think1945). And the "false prophet"(#5) is not either one of these TWO beasts (which is commonly assumed) but he is one who began as a man but now is a theory and hypothesis which has efficiently cleared the way.. "went before" KJ and gave the 'little' beast(2horned office) the capability of 1945 and of 666(atheistic science) - {rev19:20,aka 2th2:11} - and is "thrown 'alive' into the lake of fire along with the 1st beast, irony! neither of these are humans/living. The false prophet prepared the way for all these things of revelation/apocalypse/unveiling/collapse..
- The U.S. in prophesy also is easy to see, all of rev 12, manchild is Son of man(vs5, cr ps 2:9, and heb 1:3), devourer thru herod(vs4), later 2 migrations of the truth/woman(vs 6 after70a.d. & vs 12 & 13) the 2nd with wings of an eagle that she may sail, then 350years (3 & 1/2 modern times later, in seducer mode,a proliferation/flood, then drought(vs12:16, cr Lk 23:28 & 31)... and then back in dragon mode, turns attention more fully upon the other children of the woman "who have the commandments of God" and by now "the testimony of Jesus" cross ref "jerusalem, jerusalem" Jesus said "you will not see me again until you say "blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD" and rev 16:14,15,16 (armies surround Jerusalem, which reminds us of how Jesus said "when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies.." Matthew ch 24.
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marie glen:

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People do not like what I say, but I say, let the world end and good riddance to it, lets get it over with already.

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Good comments everyone, thanks....the unveiling/the beginning...hmmmm...interesting  :thumbsup:

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--- amen! The New Beginning.. and the 1st quote, if it should happen in the days of our kids or grand kids hopefully we have heeded the signs Jesus gave that they may stay safe for the critical "ten days" of great tribulation, which follows 35 days of shortage(rev 13:17) Read and add the numbers - Daniel 12:11,12 (that is, so we can tell to them the clear signs)

One more note, there are 'locks' which hide the revelation vision "for many days", one being there are chapters which are inserts, much like the creation account of genesis 2 is an insert to the one of genesis 1. Roughly, Revelation chapters 11,12 and 13 are inserts to the revelation narrative..


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