Author Topic: The world and it's problems  (Read 27 times)

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The world and it's problems
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How many on this forum believe and accept amid all the trouble, turmoil, and death in the middle east and around the world, doubt, that everything and anything that is operating and happening, is within the Lord Jesus Christ and His plan?
In other words, is anything that is happening, is it not within the console of the Creator and Lord of ALL? We worry about Israel, Gaza, ISIL,(sp) Hamas (sp) is the Lord Jehovah in trouble?

I for one will not, and do not concern myself with the mischief that is going on in the world. Either my God and Lord knows all things or He does not. I believe He does.
When we all can see and accept the Revelation of Jesus Christ is what wars in us,(for Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy) as individuals, and overcome, then the real obstacles, through Him, we over come much. This is my belief and also for the sake of opinion.
Mic 7:8  Thou dost not rejoice over me, O mine enemy, When I have fallen, I have risen, When I sit in darkness Jehovah is a light to me.