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A tender aspect to the book of Revelation

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First, I wanted to say to some people that have emailed me, that I'll get back to you ASAP.  I'm just thinking through a response.  It's one thing to know something in your "knower" and another thing to be able to share coherently.

Anyway, yesterday, for once, I was enjoying an afternoon at home.  And I happened to glance through the open blinds from across the room and "off in the distance" I saw the New Jerusalem.  It was genuinely such a genuine and vivid vision that for a split second I was wondering if I was about to die pretty soon 'cause it was just "over there."  I didn't sorta see it.  I saw it.  It seemed like it was maybe half a mile away in all of it's monstrocity with the demensions given in the Book of Revelation.  It was the furtherest thing from my thinking at the time.  I was thinking through a website project that I was tinkering with.  And I just happened to look outside and....uh....hello!!

Has anyone given any thought as to whether or not it's something that bleeds through to the natural realm from other demensions after the millenium, or if it's literally something that travels over here like an impossibly large space ship or whatever?  Is it a spiritual reality that'll be built on this earth with the absolute abundance that grows throughout the millenium?  I know that Hebrews says that it's a city whose Builder and Maker is God.  But is it that a demensional veil is torn away and we see a city that had pretty much always been there since the resurrection, undisclosed to mortal eyes?  Anything inherent in the Greek text or perhaps a relevant Old Testament passage to indicate whether it's like the tabernacle that Moses built, which although built by human hands was an exact replica of the one in heaven?  Is it literally a flying city, or as I said, does it bleed through to the natural realm from higher realms so that it sorta suddenly or gradually appears like something from Star Trek with their transporters or whatever?

For a few weeks, I'd been entertaining thoughts of it being something metaphorical and perhaps not a genuinely literal city.  And then yesterday happened and my curiosity got stirred about whether or not God's literally going to move something THAT BIG and navigate it carefully past Jupiter, Saturn, etc., or whether it's something that sorta bleeds through to the natural realm and perhaps "descending from heaven" was the best possible language for the 1st century Greek language.

 :cloud9: My  :2c:....New Jerusalem = city = multiple habitations. Know ye not ye are the temple of the living God? So it is here now, in the realm of Spirit, and since there is no time in the Spirit (as time is the measurement of death and there is no death in His Spirit which is life), then it always has been here, just not perceptible to the human eye unaided by the Spirit.

And, that was truly AWESOME He opened your spiritual eyes to see it! Blessings to you.......

Hi Cardinal,

That's precisely where my thinking had been going for a few weeks, and while that's probably still true, I saw actual gold, colorful gems, etc.  I don't know why I hadn't previously put it together about all of the colors with the rainbow promise to the animals.  All of the different gems being the expression of that rainbow are probably a fulfillment of Isaiah chapter 54 where He said that He was adding to the meaning of the rainbow that He'd never again have hostility towards mankind.  Another way to take the last 3 chapters of Revelation is that He's ransacking the Old Testament of every beautiful truth, principle, and example that He can even remotely milk it of, and then He's burning up the rest that would condemn [or bring/impart condemnation] with unquenchable fire.

 :cloud9: I have seen the gems as well. Once I saw 3 stairs, where there literally were 3 stairs leading up to where I had bible studies for 2 years. There was every kind of beautiful gem encased in the treads. The thought that came with this, was that the steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord.

And the night I was used to lead an elderly Italian born woman to the Lord, I was given a dream/vision of the foundation that was laid in her. It was beautiful, dime size square blue sapphires, laid out in a pattern of sorts like a crossword puzzle. It was not completely filled in solid, and when asking in prayer about what this represented, it came to me that it was the course of her life, sort of her spiritual DNA in a sort of "map". Blessings to all.....

Are we "metaphorical-izing" ourselves right out of contemplating some other wondrous things that may occur?? "IT" points to.....(fill in the blank). Well, stop for a moment and contemplate "IT". (whatever "IT" is that you may be talking about.) Look around at creation.

I see a God who is saying to us..."Look! Look at what I can do!"  :grin: :Sparkletooth: 
Creation SCREAMS at us and creation whispers at us... metaphors and parables seen in billions upon billions upon billions of different ways.

Psalm 19:1 -The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork.

So yes, I believe we are to search for the metaphorical truths...
However, I also know that He delights in our being dazzled and awed. and I so LOVE that about Him...  :HeartThrob: The two go hand-in-hand it seems. At least, that has been my reality. When we look at His glorious creation, we should already be falling down at our knees in awe...don't you think? Sometimes I look around... at everything..the patterns, the wonder of it all..from biology to mathematics to chemistry to astronomy and botany and zoology, and I get a little flash of something in my mind. Like this veil will come off and His creation all around us... is going to just explode with so much insight. All around us... He is showing us things. He is showing us HIMSELF. and we trudge along like tiny little ants trying to "get it". Trying to piece things together, strugglig with our little breadcrumbs. Trying to UNDERSTAND and SEE.... and when that veil is lifted... like I said, it will all just EXPLODE into our BEING. It's like His creation is in shades of grey and we can only see so much. When the veil is lifted, creation all around us, will explode into trillions of different colors and we will SEE!

Just think about His creation so far. From the telescope to the microscope:


Our minds cannot handle how glorious God is...
Now, isn't THAT something?
Our minds.
just how GLORIOUS God is...
We are like little ants..
we think we see so much, but even that "much" is sooooo little.

That thought alone makes me shudder with excitement so much I can barely contain myself. Yes, especially looking around and seeing His creation so far... Seeing just the tip of the iceberg. and that little TIP is already so completely overwhelming. We can't fathom it...

So... metaphorical? yes...of course. Of course.
But so much more. The beauty and wonder of it all is also something to behold.
Let's never lose sight of the fact that He didn't HAVE to make it so beautiful and wonderful..
but He did.  :HeartThrob:
Let's cherish it and respect it and appreciate it.


p.s. don't forget to visit the link!  :icon_flower:


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