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A tender aspect to the book of Revelation

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I wrote a book about the book of revelation, it wasn't easy, though it's not very long. There's two or three things in the book of revelation which serve as locks, hiding some of the vision from us for a time (as it says in Daniel)..
 - the book, it seems to me, is both spiritual and literal.. it's simply apocalypse, the collapse of all things false.. things false simply must fall, they cannot endure forever.. Only God, being Perfect and Perfection, endures, has eternal life withinn himself.. the world man makes and has built, from babel tower (Babble On and On Tower) til it grows to fill the earth - Babylon was the first truly monetary kingdom.. in revelation it is a global economy and system. A global system of man/men/mankind, is bound to grow when man is not depending upon his Creator to solve mankind's problems and challenges.. The word used for babylon, when rendered harlot is the greek word "pornos" meaning "to sell" and alas mankind turns to a great seducing spirit of harlotry to sell it tons of products and luxuries, from fine cloths and ointments to the bodies and souls of men (male and female).. Divorced from God, and built upon untruth(s) babylon can only crash.. in one hour she crashes, in one day she burns (ie. fiery judgment/collapse) and great is the hail/debris of her falling.. the merchants who became rich from her will mourn and the kings of the earth who were in bed with her mourn.. With her harlotry and dazzle she led all the world astray, all seven hills/continents.
- the lesson of apocalypse is being deeply engraved on every heart, mind and psyche as to the knowing of good from evil, which is also Life from death, truth from lie. God is life, itself and perfection, when He endowind thinking ability/choice, a whole new world (or tree) of possibilites 'came to be' for to choose anything other than what God chooses is to become the opposite of Life/God/Perfection.. but since He opened that pandora's box and death/nonlife (rather than merely design robots) he built the rescue into all creation "from the foundation"/beginning of the world/creation.. this learning of good from evil, life from death is an unavoidable journey and lesson.. if there are to be rational creatures that is..

Hi.  I haven't read all the replies so some one may have said the same things and I am not aware of it.    New Jerusalem is stated as being the BRIDE.  So is the church, meaning believers who are sanctified.  The light of that city, which is who we are going to be when "actually spiritually married" but yet on the earth, is Christ and God.  Ie.. the light of the world.  But that light, the light that will eventually light all men in the world, is the light of the world.  The light of the world is the true mature understanding of the way, the truth, and the life that is God, and also the truth about the things of the world that are not "like God" or are not a witness of HIS SPIRIT.

The dwelling place of God and Christ is to be IN MEN in the world, is it not.  As one said above, We are to be the temple of God.  It also says that whatever defiles the temple of GOD, God will destroy.  So, New Jerusalem as said, is a HOLY dwelling where all the houses are the mature body of Christ as His son in the creation.  A "plethora" of houses where the spirit within is clean and the outside is also clean by being the nature of the Spirit of GOD.   God destroys all things that are in power and reside in HIS Temple as it says in 1 Corinthians 15.  The son, or immaturity, rules until all things are put under His feet.  IF there are "enemies" to be put under the feet of the SON, then it has to be here in the world because there is no "enemies" in God's Spirit.

God is love.  God is Holy.  God is life.  Therefore, love is holy and is also everything that life is.  It is love in you, rising stronger and stronger with the added wisdom of God becoming known to you and becoming your wisdom too, that destroys all the tares in you and eventually in all, sanctifying the temple FROM WITHIN IT.  Make the inside clean first, Jesus said, and the outside will automatically follow.  God bypasses the flesh body and nature entirely, and the judgment of God's love indwelling causes us to cease to be in enmity with God any longer.

Jesus destroyed the enmity {in his own flesh} and as we become his flesh more and more maturely we also will have the enmity bound and then cast out and we will be one with and as Jesus Christ, the body of God in the creation who puts all other things into living order by PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The scripture says that this happens by the pouring out of the Spirit of GOD upon the earth from above.  Then righteousness will dwell in the fruitful field {earth} and the RESULT of righteousness will be PEACE.  So, righteousness IS always only accomplished by God's righteousness IN PEACE.  Any ideas men have about establishing righteousness by revolt, or arms, or rebellion etc. are only their own attempts to establish their own ideas of righteousness and have not subjected OURSLEVES to the righteousness that is OF GOD.  Without Peace and holiness no one shall see GOD scripture says.

New Jerusalem is the people of GOD as His son in the creation that are holy and in Peace immovable.
God bless,   ken

Hello Glenda.   I read your note and agree that scripture is about both Spiritual and literal things.  This could also be said to be about things God is going to do and does spiritually within the living creatures and people in the creation, and about things that man does physically in the world motivated by the desires of both good and evil desires from WITHIN him.  Man uses life from God to bring forth "evil inventions" as the bible calls them. Man and the other living creatures in the creation can only do any works, either good or evil, because they are alive in the world.   The works of man through the desires that exist within him {good "and" evil} using the life God gave to the creation as his ability to do any works at all, bring forth physical manifestations {results} of those desires in man.   Man does both good and evil things at various times and for various "spiritual" reasons.  Anger and envy and so on are also "spiritual" drives in the sense that if one does an autopsy on a dead person they do not find either the desires {lusts} of the flesh nor the desires and life of GOD in the body of the dead person.
God has said as you know I am sure, that He is going to make the INSIDE {spirit} clean FIRST and then the works of the body will be clean.  The body will then be the temple of God in a far more explicit and true manner.  God bypasses the flesh body entirely and does not harm the body, and works directly with the spiritual desires in man, removing those that are enmity against God and strengthening and establishing fully those that are of the divine nature and wisdom.  God does no physical violence to anyone and those who believe that will begin to live that and those who do not believe it will not believe it because they are not yet able to DO IT.  If we believe God does no evil, then we are able to be empowered by God within us to do so.  But we must do it by believing it "FIRST" and after we have endured for a while, we will be established and strengthened, as Scripture records we will be.  This "is" the day of the Lord when we begin to "see" things {understand correctly} about these things.

There is a quite natural assumption about the carnal mind I believe that causes us to naturally think off line a bit.  For instance, the carnal mind is the mind of the spirit that is in the world.  In the world we experience both good and evil events either through others or by being included in these events by our physical presence or by those we love having good or evil things happen to them as well as to us.   The carnal mind in a believer is a mind set that believes the mind of the world or things and ways of the world are the ways of God also.   They believe God will do evil to people at the "end" as His judgment upon them.  But the truth is that it is evil that does the evil, not God who is only Good.  That is why scripture says that it is our own ways upon us that will correct us and also teach us.  But they only teach us well when we have the mind of Christ.  Good teaches about good and evil desires and occurrences teach about evil.  Evil can not teach one about good and good does not minister about evil.  So... we are to minister the Spirit that GIVES life ONLY as being the Spirit that is GOD.  Anything that is contrary to God's goodness is a lie and therefore is "of the enmity" that is contrary to God's way\Spirit.  As Christians we are asked to remain good only and give good response in ourselves from any evil seen or done in the world, even when done to us.  The promise is that we will be strengthened by God within us IF we do so often enough unto doing it eternally.

The mind of Christ STILL knows the things of both good and evil but no longer believes God does the evil to ANYONE. The mind of Christ in us is an understanding that all evil, harmful, death producing works and results are not of the Spirit or nature of God.   The mind of Christ is the mind in a believer that is able to separate the tares or things that are not of God in the world and in ourselves from among those that are the ways and desires of God in the world and in ourselves.   The knowledge about both remains but is correctly understood in the mind of Christ in a believer and the things we come to know as being ONLY of the flesh desires are kept within the parameters of Jesus Christ while we are in the world.  This is the condition of spiritual maturity in Christ in the world that is now entering into our knowledge. We are to be the Spirit if God by and as we obey Christ more and more unto actual Christ likeness.  The true spiritual image of GOD is now to be established within us while still in the world in a flesh and blood body.  This means we will be like Jesus Christ was in Israel.   

The tares or lusts of the flesh will be bound by the Spirit of Christ in us and kept within the limitations allowed for them in the world.  We will still have to eat for the needs of the body for instance, but we will no linger allow those type of needful appetites to steal food or money etc. in order to satisfy our bodily needs and desires.   We are not to do harm or take advantage of others to obtain what we need physically.

The is how God makes the inside clean and then as we are one with God by being His nature internally, we will keep the outside or body clean, making it walk in obedient loving righteousness that is of God, just like Jesus did in Israel.  Go and sin no more he said.  At that state, we too will be one with the Father that is in us, Eternal life which is all the attributes of the divine nature and the wisdom of God.

Thank you.  Ken


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