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A tender aspect to the book of Revelation

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I wrote a book about the book of revelation, it wasn't easy, though it's not very long. There's two or three things in the book of revelation which serve as locks, hiding some of the vision from us for a time (as it says in Daniel)..
 - the book, it seems to me, is both spiritual and literal.. it's simply apocalypse, the collapse of all things false.. things false simply must fall, they cannot endure forever.. Only God, being Perfect and Perfection, endures, has eternal life withinn himself.. the world man makes and has built, from babel tower (Babble On and On Tower) til it grows to fill the earth - Babylon was the first truly monetary kingdom.. in revelation it is a global economy and system. A global system of man/men/mankind, is bound to grow when man is not depending upon his Creator to solve mankind's problems and challenges.. The word used for babylon, when rendered harlot is the greek word "pornos" meaning "to sell" and alas mankind turns to a great seducing spirit of harlotry to sell it tons of products and luxuries, from fine cloths and ointments to the bodies and souls of men (male and female).. Divorced from God, and built upon untruth(s) babylon can only crash.. in one hour she crashes, in one day she burns (ie. fiery judgment/collapse) and great is the hail/debris of her falling.. the merchants who became rich from her will mourn and the kings of the earth who were in bed with her mourn.. With her harlotry and dazzle she led all the world astray, all seven hills/continents.
- the lesson of apocalypse is being deeply engraved on every heart, mind and psyche as to the knowing of good from evil, which is also Life from death, truth from lie. God is life, itself and perfection, when He endowind thinking ability/choice, a whole new world (or tree) of possibilites 'came to be' for to choose anything other than what God chooses is to become the opposite of Life/God/Perfection.. but since He opened that pandora's box and death/nonlife (rather than merely design robots) he built the rescue into all creation "from the foundation"/beginning of the world/creation.. this learning of good from evil, life from death is an unavoidable journey and lesson.. if there are to be rational creatures that is..


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