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he flag of Venezuela, created by Francisco de Miranda to represent the independence movement in Venezuela that later gave birth to the "Gran Colombia", inspired the individual flags of Colombia and Ecuador, both sharing three bands of color and three of them (Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela) sharing the yellow, blue and red.

That settles it. We're all going to hell.

Aleax, I usually ban the spammer and delete their posts, but I got such a kick out of your response I'm leaving this one.   :laughhand:

 :laughing7:   :laughing7: LOL

well now,

   there's a blessing in it!!!. Columbia denotes it's name from DOVE   GREAT DOVE..hmmmn....red green and yellow...his banner over me was love,what were

  the colours of Israel tribes that were red,green and yellow?   Hey, this could be a real good study :boyheart:   where's ww? I bet he could find out

 the symbols of the colors on the flag. :bigGrin:


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