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Revelation 22:18,19 Taken Out of the Book of Life

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For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things that are written in this book.

UR believers are changing words like eternal, forever, and many others to fit their belief. Show me why you think those words mean something different than what the KJV says.

(thanks CHB for contribution)

Sally Anne:
This passage of Revelation a friend of mine used today when discussing UR.  He says it prooves the UR position to be false.  I checked out the "young literal translation" and found that there was no reference to Tree of Life which he had from his bible translation and was using to show his position that if we were taken out of the tree of life we obviously would not be saved..  If you insert "scroll of life" instead of "tree of life"....you do not contradict Gary Amirault's position in his paper on Partiality in which he states that "all will eat from the Tree of Life".  Unfortunately, my friend was not very convinced of this and basically said, Scroll of Life, Tree of Life, book of life...they all basically mean the same thing.

Therefore, I am still looking for a more satisfactory answer to refute the assertion posted.

Universalist Catholic:

--- Quote ---Scroll of Life, Tree of Life, book of life...they all basically mean the same thing.
--- End quote ---
I believe a scroll and a tree are two completely different things  :laughing7:

I've finally gone over and done some looking at another Christian site, where there's an interesting discussion going on about this topic.  The discussion has several facets, but one of them has to do with whether names ever added to the Book of Life (especially after being blotted out) are ever added back in, and where's the Biblical accounting of that.  Also, when are names put there to begin (or end) with?

I know there are other scriptures that talk about all being reconciled, God being All in All, all summed up in Christ, every tongue confessing Jesus is Lord IN [lit. transl.] the Holy Spirit ("whoever believes/confesses will be saved"); all those Paulinian verses that go beyond what some believe to be the final accounting, i.e., "Revelations" (the Revelation or Unveiling of Jesus Christ) and show the ultimate reconciliation of all of creation.  Also, in the Unveiling itself, there's the picture of the gates of the city being open day and night, never locked, as the kings (us, believers) bring our treasures (new believers) into it, the leaves of the Tree of Life healing the nations, no more death, pain, tears - which precludes an eternal torment.  However, sometimes we don't know to look other places in the Word besides the Unveiling to see the final outcome of God's creation, believing the orthodox order of books to be a linear time-line of "end-time" events, so there can be difficulty for us/me getting past some mainstream-accepted "details".   So, does anyone have more insight specifically into the Book of Life?  When names are added, what does blotted out mean, and then what happens/what are the possibilities - specifically besides all the other ultimate reconciliation scriptures that exist?  Or is this topic the way it is with all of scripture, in that it must be taken as a whole and reconciled as a whole - the scriptures regarding the Book of Life being taken in context with all the other UR final destination scrips - all fitting together in the Master('s) Plan?

I think this boils down to timing of the verses.  Is this the end?  If not why?  Just because you are at first excluded...to be salted...doesn't mean you can't be eventually reconciled.  I do wonder, why is it that mainstream Christian thinking believes Revelations to be the end?  Do they have significant reason for believing so?


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