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John chap 10 verse 26 You do not believe me because you are not my sheep.


Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Can someone please explain this to me? I have recently opened myself up to UR, but I am so plagued with the traditions of man  :sigh:
If God see us all as sheep and sent Jesus to save us, and the lost sheep so that all are found why are the Pharisees not sheep?
Thank you all for my time, and please pray that Jesus will continue to reveal his plan to me.

Hi, and glad you're here.

Jesus said "I know my sheep, and my sheep know me".

My best explanation would be, it wasn't their turn yet.  They had not yet been drawn to Him, so they would be reconciled to Him - yet.  Jesus didn't reveal Himself to most at that time - only the chosen then, as He does still in this age after the cross.  Then all the rest in the next age. 


I appreciate your question missZ
I'm no authority but IMO the pharisees were wolves out to steal and devour the sheep. Trying to keep the letter of the law is impossible and kills us. The pharisees didn't realize this. Neither did Saul until he became Paul (the pharisee of pharisees)
We believe that the pharisees will one day see the true purpose of the law and come to Christ.

Lazarus Short:
Following Jabcat, I recall that Jesus said that His sheep heard His voice, and followed Him.  The Pharisees did not hear His voice or follow Him.  One of the things I have noticed in my pilgrimage in the here-and-now is that a lot of people lack the ability to see what they are looking at, or to hear what is going into their ears.  The Pharisees were this way, hearing Jesus' words, but not comprehending the subtext or inner meaning.  Their understanding stopped at the surface meaning of the parable, you see.  With that lack, they did not stand a chance of following Jesus' teachings, and as ded2dsworld sez, they were ravening wolves anyway, so doing so was not in their short-term self interest.  They were more interested in keeping up appearances while plundering the poor, and committing other nasty deeds... :punish:   


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