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How can I refute traditional concept of LoF?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the board. I need some advice.

 My adult Sunday school class this coming weekend may touch on the Lake of Fire. The lesson book we are using treats it in the traditional way. I've never brought up in class or in church my own growing belief in UR and I am a little nervous about contradicting the orthodox view of the LoF. Any advice would be greatly appreciated on how I might GENTLY present a, let's say, differing viewpoint on the LoF without turning off folks who have probably never heard of such ideas.

Thank you in advance and I am very happy to be here. I hope I can contribute something to the board in the future.

Beloved Servant:



Just make sure you are ready to accept the consequences of bringing something like that up.  Many in leadership could see you as a threat, and a heretic.  People have been kicked out of church for much less.  If that is a risk you are willing to take there are many topics on here about the LoF.  I would do a search and go through them. 

Over the past bit of believing in UR, and various attempts at sharing it, I've come to these thoughts;

easy does it;

perhaps "prime the pump" instead of tipping over the whole barrel;

i.e., "there are many things we've believed that bear further consideration.  There are mistranstralations of some key words having to do with eternal destiny (aion, gehenna) that affect our views of [the Lake of Fire, etc.]."     AND THE KICKER - "I believe there are many scriptures, when looked at in an accurate translation and keeping the above in mind, say that God's punishment is corrective - and He says in Habbakkuk, 'I will not cast off forever' ".   A good place to check this out further is ________/ I recommend reading________".

If you get "too far" into this, be prepared to never be seen the same way as before, and for your life to change.  The desert is a "lonely" place - but that is often where He calls us to and hence walks with us the closest.

Blessings, James.

J. Preston Eby, LOF:


Forever and Ever; a Poor Translation - from AN ANALYTICAL STUDY OF WORDS: Louis Abbott



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