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Hebrews 9:27 Die, Then Judgment

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This verse has allways been against the idea of reincarnation, because a man only lives once then the judgment. But it has occured to me that perhaps the man that dies, is Adam, in Adam we all die, so we are all spiritually dead until the judgment, the white throne judgment where we will be written in the lambs book of life.

So with this in mind it can then be possible to physically die many times, because that's not what the verse is possibly warning against, but is talking about a spiritual death, which we all are, until we are judged through christ.


Paul Hazelwood:

--- Quote from: jabcat on December 01, 2010, 02:17:51 AM ---Hebrews 9:27  And as it is appointed to men once to die, but after this the judgment:

--- End quote ---

This verse is used along with a couple of doctrinal assumptions asserted to be absolutely true.

1. That you must believe in christ before you die from earth
2. Judgment along with #1 carries the assumption that if you die not believing in Christ then you are judged to eternal misery.

The verse in and of itself poses no problems to all men being saved because this verses meaning is only supported by the context in which a persons doctrinal position rests.

In other words, this verse is not a proof text for any doctrinal stance, the verses meaning is DEFINED by a doctrinal position.

Another assumption is that "the judgment" is the NEXT event in that person's after-life experience, whereas perhaps it is merely an eventual event.  As the old song goes, "It Ain't Necessarily So."

Not that I have worked through any changes in my understanding of future events as a result of  recently embracing "ultimate reconciliation," but......if I say I'm driving from New York City to Washington, D.C., that may include a stop in Philadelphia and a stop in Baltimore.  I still end up in D.C., but D.C> isn't the ONLY and NEXT stop on the trip.



LOL :thumbsup:

Wow  :mshock: many bits and pieces that resonate with me, it's nice to see someone who also as the same revelations. I said somehwere on this forum that there were 7 or 8 judgments that man has to go through since Adam. If only i could keep up with what God is doing, he's way to fast for me in terms of revelations, it seems that many in the body of Christ are also receiving many revelations in these days, not just the preachers and the big shots, put the common simple folk, glory to God who loves the meek. It's good that he loves the meek, we people tend to love those who are great in the world, charismatic, Intelligent etc, but God gives time for all people, which is amazing to think that someone with Gods intelligence would want to spend time with people who are so dumb and simple as us. But God loves the simple things in life, e.g bread  :bigGrin: 


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