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Even the 12 didn't believe in Jesus

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When Jesus got arrested, a cloud of darkness engulfed the land. This is the hour of darkness.

Be glad while the light is in the world, but that light left the disciples for a little while.


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Not strickly verses that show not all will be saved but still something to consider I think.

The 12 had a close relationship with Jesus during His ministry. Some for about 33 years because Jesus was (close) family.
They had actually heard His teachings. Saw His miracles. Lived in the same culture. Etc.
When Jesus was arrested they denied they knew Him.
When the women reported to the 12 He was resurrected they didn't believe the women.
Thomas did only believe when after he was allowed to touch Jesus' wounds.

Were they doomed for being unbelievers? Nope, Jesus just returned and gave them that extra proof they needed.

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I think that Believing is one thing, denying another quite different thing.
The only one who did not believe in Jesus was Judas.

My faith is that One is saved by faith alone, not by any works of any kind, including not denying Him.

Yeah the denying was out of fear.
But rejecting His resurection was out of unbelief.

--- Quote ---My faith is that One is saved by faith alone, not by any works of any kind, including not denying Him.
--- End quote ---
I seen denying Jesus as lack of faith.
I deny Jesus existed. I deny He was risen from the dead. I deny He was the Son Of God. Does that sound like faith?

I think the whole difference was the spirit of God coming at Pentecost and settling like tongues of fire on the (about) 500 believers there. Even Peter, John and James were complacent until seeing the resurrected Christ on the shore after they had returned to their fishing boats and started fishing for fish again.

well WW   I think we can 'lose faith" in God and Christ.  And thus Jesus come to the lost sheep as a

  shepherd.   first faith then hope then love......man has felt forsaken and bereft of God in this death/vanity



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