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1 corinthians 10

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--- Quote from: ded2daworld on November 27, 2012, 03:47:46 PM --- I agree with EW (as usual) I do have another perspective besides that tho'

"Often we use the old testament as an example towards spiritual truths in the new testament. so if they are physically destroyed by God, does this example teach that unrighteous will be spiritually destroyed?"

I believe that when we are consumed by the fire of Holy Father, our refinement and purification removes the dross of the sinful thoughts words and deeds we have done. A total sinner then would be born anew but would also have nothing left of the old life. (Much as aborted baby's or like children way to young to understand much of anything before they die.)

We, that are called the saints of God, will cast our good works at his feet and realize in totality that all true good works were the Holy Spirit working through us. How much of the sinners personality or soul will remain - I don't know. But Job said, "I know that one day I will see God, it will be me, in my flesh, and not another." so it won't be like a totally new creature in the next age in all respects but, in some ways it will.

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I agree. I think newness refers to nature. I will still be I, but a new creature in Christ, transformed. My identity changed when I was born of the "incorruptible seed"(Peter), the "word implanted which is able to save your souls"(James), born, "not of the will of man nor of the will of the flesh, but of God"(John).


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