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Wouldn't "Good News" have been God forgiving the first couple their 1st mistake?

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I was in a poster shop this week and in the "Demotivational" poster section there was a poster featuring the "Passion of the Christ" Jesus actor in his character role on the cross, followed by the following text:

Christianity - The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

I wrote it down so as to have it for future reference. And this seems to be the right time.
I think what captured my attention about that poster was how the script succinctly outlines in raw language the bare bones platform of Christianity and what it asks us to accept as truth from the beginning.
And I recalled in reading that script Isaiah 45:7. How God is the darkness and the light, both the evil and the good. That all that transpires is by his act and his will.  Wouldn't then the fear paradigm or threatening scriptures this particular forum discusses have been abated had the "Good News" first been that God forgave the first mistake Adam and Eve made in the garden of Eden?

(P.S. Unrelated to this post but finding it necessary to ask as I haven't yet seen this information in the new member info board posts: Do we always have to enter the verification's every post we make? Or does that step eventually subside after we have enough posts to our credit? Thank you. )

Your question seems to me to be one of those things a believer can struggle with.  One of those things for which we're either given a satisfying answer, or given the answer of "trust and believe in Me anyway".

As far as the actual quote though, I believe I hear the voice of the adversary. 

Remember, the cross is foolishness to unbelievers, but to those of us being saved by it, it is the power of God.  I Cor. 1:18

This reminds me of the statement that either Jesus was mad or he was who he said he was.  Of course, even those who don't believe he is who he said he was tend to love him and do not think he was crazy.  Go figure.  He is one of the most beloved figures in world history by all religions and even non believers.  I think that's testimony enough by a darkened world.  If only they would have enough light to believe their own testimony.

People die.  Without victory over death we don't have any answers.  If we used some kind of technology, maybe genetic engineering, to create something that could never die based on whatever we flesh creatures are, it would be horrible.  Its already inconceivably bad for so very many of us through disease, injury or old age.  The idea of a zombie human that never dies is something we should recoil from as unacceptable.

Of all the notable people in human history so far, who would we say is most likely to attain immortality?  Not only is Jesus the only one, He's far and away the best pick.  The surprise is He is at the center of just such a belief in victory over death.  To then recognize His immortality is of a kind that is inextricably linked to moral perfection, it's incorruptible immortality, and a result of special intimacy with God, it is definitely inspiring to us, quickening us to believe His promises to include us.


--- Quote from: Molly on September 02, 2012, 08:50:06 AM ---  If only they would have enough light to believe their own testimony.

--- End quote ---

This one hit home, it reminded me of a conversation I had with an ET'er. I am a truck driver, I was parked and he came up to me and another guy I was talking to and started to talk about ( I have to use the words "his view" here) his view of God.

God had already brought me to understand UR after first understanding ET so I had a knowledge of both views. Anyway, I kept saying that God will forgive all, he kept saying He wouldn't. It actually got a little heated and it was at that point I said, "God is love", it was at that point he really burst out with anger and said, "God is not love"

Those were the last words out of his mouth as he walked away and I prayed that God would reveal to his own mind what he had actually said. Did he walk away thinking about his last words to me? I do not know, but I hoped he would, I hoped he would have enough light to believe his own testimony in who he had become through hearing his own words.


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