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The idea of everlasting hell - satan's biggest lie


http://www.christian-universalism.com/articles/hell-satanic.html - this is what I found after a search in Google.

Now I can imagine Eve and the Devil in the following conversation in the past:

-My God said I should not eat this fruit. I will die if I do so.
-Oh, no. It's a lie. You will never die...

Nowadays we have the following situation:

Listen to what God said! The wages of sin is death and death is a life in pain :)

I do wonder how this lie stays preserved for so many years and why people still can't believe in the "Good news"


I am a little slow --what are you trying to say here  :dontknow:

I just discovered that Hell is the very first lie and people still believe in it.

PSS; my english is not that good, i modified the thread, It's OK now, I'm sorry. This is what happens when you have many sleepless nights

Okay, I think I see - so you're saying that the lie was "You will have the pain of death, but will never die"?


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