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Revelation 21 and 22

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Revelation 21 and 22 says that the fearful, liars, idolters, etc will not enter into the New Jerusalem.  I've heard the Lake of Fire=refining fire of 1 Corinthians 3, but there's nothing in there that indicates the outcasts are made into the children of God and have their names written into the Book of Life.  Am I missing something?  There's still verses like 1 Timothy 4:10 showing salvation by all, but how does these verses and the last two chapters of Revelation fit together?

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If you read Revelation you read about a whole lot of events. Wars. Resurrections. Judgements. And New Jerusalem coming down to earth. Obviously those INSIDE New Jerusalem are the saints. The saved ones.
But Jesus offers living water and leaves that heal the nations.
The people inside don't need such things. They already reached their saved and everlasting glorious state.
It's an offer for those outside.
Kings enter the city. It's near bedtime for me so I don't have time to look up verse and defenitions, but the Greek wording points to army like events. It's not just the kings visiting. It are kings with their whole nations.
And obviously not to wage war otherwise the Bible would end with the fall of New Jerusalem.
Inside + coming inside = all

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[quoteauthor crossoverManiac]
Revelation 21 and 22 says that the fearful, liars, idolters, etc will not enter into the New Jerusalem.[/quote]

None of these will enter the New Jerusalem, but that doesn't mean they won't once they are purified, of all these things.
When all is said and done God will be all IN ALL. That says it all.  :girlheart:


I beleive the purification process is Jesus and angels seperating the people one from another...goats/sheep wheat/tares....with scapegoats/tares/goats

  being burned...wicked tool no longer serve it's purpose and burned.   tie them in bundles for burning.........All men have tares sown in their field

   we all have an old man of sin son of perdition due for death....and a sheep/lamb saved of Christ that enters the city....

   scapegoat is to perish and never enter the holy city...scapegoat sent away to perish and seperated is Jesus Christ appearing again

   apart from sin

So, Sheila, basicly you are saying everyone is two goats and/or a sheep and goat?


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