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    I asked a question on yahoo answers and I thought I would ask it here also.  Why do many of the modern bibles seem to teach the false doctrine of hell?  I mean, if someone who is ignorant of the Bible reads it for the first time,  they are left with the impression that ET is right.  So that leads me to a second question.  Whats wrong with modern bibles that seem to teach ET?  I understand that certain words were translated poorly.  Is there more to it than that?  Did translators many years ago, who already embraced ET, translate the original text in a way so as to insert ET in the scriptures  perhaps? That would mean that bibles are corrupt on this topic.  Roman Catholicism was known for using scare tactics on the people in the dark ages. Maybe they intentionally translated the original text to reenforce ET so the doctrine could be used as a scare tactic?


Hey Full Armour!

I don't know, but "I" never feel obligated to knock down the doctrine myself..........It is just
not the calling that is on MY life.......no doctrine is worth debating and fussing.......or striving
to get someone to see what I NOW "know" takes the Spirit to reveal.

I mean "why" did God create a devil? yet it says all things were created for his glory, so
I guess all the lies were too. ha

The Lord instead emphasizes to me, the "doctrine" of LOVE..........and I do try to emphasize
that for Love will endure..........

I even saw a sign the other day on a billboard of a church and it read:


I have been in, in times past, churches where they were casting out devils, and I honestly
believe they were putting more devils in than they got out. ha

Blessed is he/she that shall escape "her" .........that is, Babylon.

     I agree that there are more important things to focus on than this debate. The importance of love above all else is reiterated to me by your post. Thank you.   I'm simply trying to increase my understanding about it by focusing on it from time to time. The debate I mean.   There is a very positive aspect to the debate however.  And that is it motivates those involved to study the things of God and to grow in knowledge and understanding consequently.
     I think I simply would like to be better at answering those who say "but what about all the verses that seem to teach eternal hell"  better.  With that in mind I have a question.  Is this a right response.  "Thats only in modern Bibles. The original text does not sound like that. Modern bibles were not translated well regarding this topic. The translators already believed this false doctrine that started in the dark ages and their work simply reflects their false belief. However the modern bibles are very good still in general. Just not on the topic of eternal judgement".

   Or,  if bibles are translated well,  all except for the words translated eternal, everlasting, forever,ect.....   That means the original text sounds like it teaches eternal torment also.  Then my question is,  why does God want people to believe that his punishment is more extreme than it accually is? Surly God knew beforehand that if his people penned the scriptures the way they did, the ignorant masses would believe in unending torment.  I don't know,  maybe God meant for the world to believe in ET so he can surprise everybody later with the truth!  Maybe the truth is not meant for everybody on this side of the grave otherwise God would have worded the Bible differently so as to make it clear. 
  If I sound a little frustrated about all this thats because I am. Sorry.
 The frustration I'm referring to is about all the division in the body of Christ over doctrine.


You can't "be" God to people "except" in the day when DAVID shall be "as GOD."  David
still isn't God, but it is written about him, that his ministry sticks around! In that day, David
etc etc etc and bear in mind that David represents a ministry "after God's own heart" .....
didn't mean he was perfect in the flesh.....but he was a subject type that God searched
all perfection out in, Job 28.....Don't mean to confuse you, but when I KNOW people believe
the ET stuff, I am "very" careful NOT to get in a discussion without the Spirit leading me........
because I believe stuff like that has to be "revealed" ......and we shall "all" be taught of God,
people are at different junctures of the journey, that's all.....God uses all things, we are all
little by little coming out of our own understanding into the understanding of God......
Hope that makes sense.  If you feel this "your" calling, so be it, and God Himself "will" see to
it that you find the right scriptures.  There are "some" here better at that on that subject
that "I" am......perhaps Craig, or Willie H on here,  or someone else.  Some are more adept at giving the meanings,
like Greek, that I ever have been. . that's why we NEED one another.  The whole body works
better than just an leg running around. ha


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