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Salvation, Following Jonah's Example
« on: December 14, 2012, 10:21:56 PM »
    IMO- This is a plan for God's Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven. It's obviously not infallible, but it is at least partly inspired. I pray for inspiration about as often as I can think to do so. Discussion with other Christians should improve the plan.
    - Jonah warned Nineveh they were doomed unless they would repent. And Nineveh did repent and was spared from destruction.
    - Jesus is our example and, to the extent that the apostles and the prophets followed his example, they too are our example. So Jonah is our example.
    - The world's people are now doomed, unless they repent. Like Jonah, we need to warn the people of their fate, so they may repent and be saved.
    - To repent means to apologize to God and make restitution for our unGodly ways and to seek God's help to follow Jesus' example of love for all. So we can call it self-correction in modern language.
    - Satan is God's adversary. The Beast is any government that follows Satan's ways instead of God's ways. Satan's ways involve acting like a beast, abusing power, harming and killing people, turning them against God's ways. God's and Jesus' ways are easy (bringing ease or comfort) and His burden on us is light. Satan's burden is heavy, being self-destruction.
    - The Lord's Prayer seeks God's government on Earth as in Heaven. God says at Rev. 11:15 that man's governments will become Godly governments.
    - Satan's bad angels are the source of evil inspiration. The top Beasts now in existence are the circles of major wealth and weapons under direction of British royalty; major bankers; Zionists; covert operations for: Britain, the U.S., Israel and the Vatican; worldwide organized crime and Beastly religions (i.e. religions that support beastly governments).
    - These top circles of the Beast should be warned that they are doomed, unless they repent. As per Revelation 20, the Beast, Satan, Sinners, Hell and Death will be purged in the Lake of Fire.
    - Jesus' prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the Age, mistranslated "world", was fulfilled in 70 AD with the invasion of the Romans, as described by Josephus. That was the end of the Age of Israel and the beginning of the Age of the Gentiles. The Age of the Gentiles may be ending soon, to be replaced by Godly government.
    - Beastly religions are fundamentalists (misnamed) among Christians, Jews, Islamists and pagans. Those under the spells of these Beastly religions should be warned of their potential doom.
    - Their main false claims about Jesus' teachings need to be listed and refuted logically.
    - These fundamentalists can be reached most readily by prayer and by internet contacts.
    - I request your help in reaching them. Any corrections to this message are welcome.  :2c:

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