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why modern greek don't believe in UR ?

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why don't they believe in UR?
they should realize that aion means aion ?

Modern Greek is different than Koine Greek would be my main guess.  That is a good question though.

Yeah, good question.

But the similarly you could ask yourself why not all Greeks are part of the same denomination.
Why aren't most Jews ET? Ok they don't read the NT but do you think God wouldn't have told them about hel in the 4000 years they had the OT? 

I think the Greeks have the same problem as all Christians.

The translation of aion is disputed but all Bibles translate that Jesus is the saviour of all mankind.
Every English speaking person knows the meaning of the word 'all'  but when placed in context it changes meaning.
Suddenly the meaning of that simple word isn't so clear anymore.
Similar with age I guess. 

Greeks, like all of us, have pre-conceived notions about many things.
Even when presented with facts, if something is contrary to what we've been told all our life or
WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE IS TRUE, we tend to dismiss it.

UR fortunately, doesn't rely solely on the definition of Aion.
Great question tho


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