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Why does the letter of the law kill

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Universalist Catholic:
and can the letter apply to stuff outside the bible, like the dogmas of other religious organizations?

I think they think they're getting their beliefs from inside the Bible.  Such as the Pharisees - they in fact knew the scriptures very well.  They just didn't a) know what they meant (what the Spirit in/of the scriptures were) and b) their view and true practice of those scriptures was veiled and then distorted by the hardness of their hearts.

I think any of us can potentially do that.  Without great detail, there's a person I know that lives a lifestyle I personally detest and that I can find evidence in the scriptures against their lifestyle.  I can take those scriptures in isolation, and then feed the situation with my own disgust and anger, and end up hating the guy.  But that would be neglecting to allow the Spirit of God to soften my heart towards him and bring myself to repentance over my own sinful attitudes - neglecting the other scriptures that talk about love and forgivenss, my own faults and sins, tne spirit of grace and mercy in those same scriptures.  It may be a poor example, but it's what came to mind as I was typing.  Anyway, as much as I will take a stand and dig my heels in regarding the absolute trustworthiness of the scriptures and the respect they deserve, I also realize some of the most hard-hearted people know much of the scriptures, but their (our) own blindness gets in the way of truly practicing the Spirit and truth within them sometimes.  My  :2c:.

Paul Hazelwood:

I do not know that the letter of the law inherantly kills,  Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.  I believe it is how we use the law against others that kills.


 the commandment was unto life..in order that the utter

sinfullness of sin be manifest..it slayed me by that which is



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