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Article by Gary Amirault
There are many proofs for the wonderful teaching of the salvation of all mankind through the work of the cross by Jesus the Messiah. We have hundreds of them on our internet site

A good starting point is the scholars corner.

There is a rather unique proof on a site that has invented a lot of material negative to this glorious teaching. That site is CARM, Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry   It is run by a Charismatic Calvinist named Matt Slick.

CARM is one of the largest Christian apologetics sites on the Internet. It hosts dozens of discussion boards. 

One can discuss just about anything there. One can discuss astrology, New Age, Satanism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventist and Christian cults of all kinds. One can discuss theological concepts and doctrines of all kinds. All religions from Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Bahi, Christadelphian, Free Masonry, Eastern Orthodox, Christian Scientist, Oneness Pentecostalism, Roman Catholicism, etc can be discussed. As a matter of fact, they have separate discussion rooms for each of these groups. There are separate discussion boards discussing abortions, Atheism, UFO's, and pregnancy. One can argue just about any theological concept and position ranging from Arminian, Calvinist, Word of Faith, etc. All is fair and game at Carm including witchcraft. All except one topicUniversalism, the teaching that Jesus Christ is indeed the "Savior of the world," as the Scriptures plainly state. (John 4:42; 1 John 4:14)

Read full article here.

Wow, what a wonderful article!

 And, yes, I have read a LOT of stuff on that CARM website and I am very upset that he has Universal Salvation banned from discussion there. Another website I go to has that website banned from being linked to or talked about -- but not for the same reason I don't go to that site anymore.  :thumbdown:

 I'm in prayer for that man.

 The Scholars Corner was great, I've read that page several times lol, as well as the tons of other information listed. I love this place more everyday!!  :happygrin: :bgdance:

The reason for UR being banned in CARM's discussion boards is simple: They are afraid the true teachings of the Bible would detract from the man-made priesthood system and transcendence of the church.

Further more, UR's "Blessed Hope" and the extension of salvation totally shatter Calvinism's narrow view of the select few and easily threaten the authenticity of their creeds that have been taught for long.

I hope Matt doesn't mean to deceive; he is just not yet exposed to the proper information like most of Christendom.

The scholar's corner is indeed loaded with convincing arguments and historical facts that strongly uphold UR theology. I specially pay homage to the collection of attestation of our early church fathers, who were close to original documents and by whom Christianity has survived and been passed down through generations.

I very much appreciate the love and gentle manner in which you speak even about those who oppose the truth of God's wonderful plan of restoration for all things. It shows that you truly know the heart of God.

I love all of the Tentmaker resources, and I had never heard of the teaching until my father turned me on to it. Finally a glimpse of the truth that my heart always knew was there. All one requires to believe and receive this message is to believe that God is who He says He is. He is perfect love. There is no darkness in Him at all. He is a loving Father, not a bloodthirsty tyrant. All punishment is for purification, and it has to make sense. Eternal torment makes no sense.

All of this written proof is invaluable, but there is only one way to be convinced. The Holy Spirit of God is the only worthy teacher, and He is the voice that has revealed the truth of this message to me. No matter what we find as proof or refutation His voice is the one we must heed.

Universalist Catholic:
The only reason is because the only way to disprove UR is to poorly translate the bible, or twist and make the scruptures more complicated than they really are.  If you think about it, the bible is really the history of the fall of man, Gods mercy and the salvation of humanity past, present and future.  For example, if you see aion as meaning Eternity, that would be a contradiction with "Every knee shall bow down and acknowledge Christ as their savior".(Not exact words, but the same point)  But if one understand aion as meaning age, that makes sense.  But our buddy St. Jerome made a little oopsie, which kinda caused more problems than necessary


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