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Mat 24:13 - One of the bible verses that is said to disprove Unversalism

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I agree Taffy....great scriptures....and I believe that no matter how one interprets "End" to mean here......I think the essence of the scripture tells us to not give up in times of suffering and desolation.  It is always Christ who overcomes, and makes it to the end.....we will fall short and have no more strength left in us.....but His strength never ends! :HeartThrob:

Great thread, good words, everyone!

Hi brother Taffy, it's sure a blessing to see you posting again!



Amen SG :icon_flower:

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I think that it depends on what was the context of being saved

Salvation of all, or the Jews being saved from wrath @ 70AD, or Gentiles/unbelievers saved from wrath

I have been learning a bit about the preterist view on the Olivet discourse.

I believe that Jesus in the Olivet discourse was talking about the soon to come destruction of the temple in 70AD. Those who endured to that end and read the signs correctly were saved from the wrath of God against the Jews. The christian were given the chance to escape when the Romans for some unknown reason (God)  withdrew then came back and sacked the city.

But also Jesus died and was resurrected so that we can be saved from sin and death. All sin, all die, all go to Hades. Jesus was manifested so that there was more to the story .........

Christ the firstfruits
Those that are his at his coming
Then the end where he puts down all enemies under is his feet (meaning obedient to him

It seems that things can be taken out of context ..... because being saved is used in the context of the judgement of the Jews and also the same word is used for being saved from sin and death, meaning deliverance from Hades, it is assumed that those 2 situations can be merged into each other.


--- Quote from: martincisneros on July 18, 2008, 12:36:31 AM ---One of the biggest problems with interpreting the Scriptures that evangelicals have is that they've created their own Bible in their own theological image rather than simply letting the Bible speak for itself.  In context, Matthew 24:13 is talking about being saved from the false prophets that would arise a couple of verses earlier.  Contextually, it's about surviving sorrow, deception, lawlessness, and you might be able to take Matthew 24:13 as far as to say that it's about surviving all that was about to befall Jerusalem in the next few verses.  Nothing about being sent to Hell for being "weak" is being stated or implied by Matthew 24:13.

--- End quote ---

This is an "old topic", but I saw someone looking at it today, checked it out myself, and thought it was good, especially liking this reply.   :goodpost:  There are other good ones, including Meerkat's above, IMO.


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