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If Torment is Forever.....

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Perhaps there are forms of torment that would not be considered torture. However, once you add the word FOREVER to any of them, they definitely become TORTURE.

Lazarus Short:
I've heard people soft-peddle Hell, by saying it consists of existing forever outside the presence of God - or forever in that hard-to-define "outer darkness."

If Torment is Forever ...................

then God IS NOT the Savior of  ALL men, ESPECIALLY those that believe.

Doh! :doh: Theres another one of those lying voices from the scriptures.


--- Quote from: GodIsLove on December 03, 2012, 08:39:59 AM ---The thing is when someone says the word "torment" we instantly go to a dark, deep, medieval dungeon where an image of a 6.5 tall guy, with a black mask is whipping people just because he wants to.

Torment and and many other words mean something entirely different to us than what the Biblical writers had in mine when they wrote them.
Torment was a touchstone that they used to test precious metals.
Maybe that is what they meant
And maybe some of us are going to end as a pretty worthless metal, and will be ashamed!

--- End quote ---

"Torment" is more mental.  "Torture" is more physical.  That's English.  The Greek just means "suffering."


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