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Hell preachers

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I also think it has to do with "timing".  Many times people tried to kill Jesus but he would always escape their grasp because "it wasn't his time".  Everything is "according to plan".  And I think the blue-print of that plant lies in the Scriptures at least on a general consensus.  I see this part of it falling in alignment with the "day is a thousand years" principle in correlation with the Levitical law of Moses. . . .and Genesis creation foundations.  In other words . . .the first 6 thousand years, men measured everything according to labor . . .but the Sabbath day is now beginning . ..man has been here for 6 thousand years . .six days . . and we're entering into the seventh . .the Sabbath . .and on this day, the rules are the opposite than the previous six.

And as the rules go, so goes the atmoshpere, the spriit realm around us is manifesting mysteries that were once hidden.  Not only are they being seen, but they are being birthed, understood, reproduced and lived.  And . .so goes the message.  What once was doom and gloom, now is celebration and triumph.  We're literally in a new day . . and . . for those who don't agree with the math . . .let me then point you to what Jesus stated, and I've said this several times before, but here's yet another opportunity . . .

"Tear this temple down and in three days I will raise it up . . .. "  Well, I believe "we" are that temple . ."this" is that third day as it was 2000 years ago that he proclaimed that . . .two days have passed and this generation is the dawning of the third day . . .and the UR message is the paradigm shift from ET that is the gospel now, just like it was in the first generation of the church.  Restoration is among us.


--- Quote from: jabcat on August 21, 2011, 01:22:59 AM ---There's a tradition involved as WW says, through which men filter the scriptures and others beliefs.  It colors our world.

Also, I believe there's a blindness.  We're all veiled, some to more or lesser extent - as God sees fit.   :2c:
--- End quote ---
Likely that filter is one of the veils. A veil makes one blind. A filter sends one in the wrong direction.

For God has consigned all Bible thumpers and Perdition lovers to their disobedience.. that He might have mercy on them.

Romans 11: 32


Are they really disobediant? Disobediance is breaking rules you are aware of. I'm sure for some it's just Hell Sells, but I think most ETs honestly believe.

When I think about this, I keep remembering the cherubim in the temple.  God tells them to make a graven image and put it as the center point of worship for an idolatrous nation.  Why would he do that?  They were making the golden calf(a cherub?) while Moses was up on the mount.  He had also just told them you shall make no image of anything in the heavens or earth.  Yet there it is.  It becomes the object of idolatry for them, their Moloch and Chiun.  He knew this would happen.  Why would He do that?

I don't know exactly (obviously) but it seems to me He provides for the false as well as the real.  He's giving them both choices, spirit and truth, or carnal and mixed/false.  Its all part of the plan.  The human corporate experience of the destructive nature of man made religion, to give a contrast to the pure light of spirit and truth.  Those hell preachers, do they really have a choice to believe otherwise?

They are veiled, we are still veiled.   :2c:


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