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My view is that translation is about the core meanings of the speakers in their time and from their minds. I don't believe Jesus spoke Koine Greek, I believe He spoke Hebrew or Aramaic. Regardless, since almost everything Jesus said was already written in the OT somewhere or another, I think His core meanings/definitions/thought streams were all Hebraic, not Greek. Therefore I think OT "olam" is still the key to understanding aion/aionian. The inherent philosophical opposition within the Greek language may be simply unavoidable, especially when the translators are using the Greek philosophers for usage comparisons and to arriive at the meanings of words. A good example of this the way the baggage of Greco Roman mythology forced its way through the words Inferno(Vulgate) and Hades(Greek) into the Norse word "Hel" which was strangely used to translate the word Sheol. Altho that baggage could reasonably be transferred to "Gehenna", there is really no excuse for doing it with Sheol and to me this is evidence of a strong disposition to spread theological preferences through translation. i think the same translators who perpetrated that insult to the truth did so in some other less conscious ways. Lastly :o), I think that since the core issue in translation is the meaning of the writer/speaker in his mind, in his time- historical context is important and scriptural context decisive.


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