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"...because it has good results."

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Lets roll with that word Lomarah...artificial.  When we bring the gospel to the world, what are we trying to accomplish?  If we scare people into having a fear experience that results in relieving the fear we have created...what would you call that?  I would call it artificial.  So, we instill fear, then provide a way for a human being to relieve that fear..and call that good?  Of course there will be people looking for relief from you the fear you just put into their hearts.  But, is that what is meant by spreading the gospel?  What is the good news?  That Christ came to save us from God?  Does that bring about relationship?  Can people love God because he holds their feet over a flame?  Worship me or burn forever?  What kind of message are we sending to people about the nature of God?  A false message...through an artificial fear experience.  I see no good from preaching hell.

The fear amongst some believers is that if you don't scare people they will have no motivation to turn their will and their lives over to God.  I can tell you from experience this is a false fear.  And if you do have an individual who will only come to the Cross based upon fear of hell...will the coming produce relationship?  I don't believe this can be manipulated.

I apologize for always going to addiction...I know I can be a bit monotonous but it's what I know.  I deal with people...guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, psychosis, addiction, prison, sin, broken relationships, vice is what they know.  They understand weeping and gnashing of teeth.  When I speak to them about spiritual bankruptcy...you can hear the agreement...the understanding of what I mean before I define it.  Many who I treat want to be free...want a new way of life...they want joy, peace, serenity, and spiritual fullfillment.  I don't have to scare these people with hellfire...they have been living in hellfire.  Many ache for a relationship with their Creator.  They just don't know how to go about finding it.  That is when the field is fertile and ready to accept the planted seed.  That is not an artificial experience created by fear.  It's a real experience created by years of convincing themselves that they are not God.

I think we've all been there - spiritual bankruptcy. Not a fun place to be for sure. But sometimes we won't look up til we hit rock bottom for some reason...

well...there are dragon flood waters spewed out to cause the woman to be washed away of the flood,too.  but the earth helps the woman

  and opens it mouth and swallows them up...because one of the things the earth can not bear..is a woman that is married but unloved

something else..a scripture aabout even the wages of a harlot being dedicated to the Lord.  Made me think of Judas wages for spiritual harlotry

  being used to buy the potter's field....blood money/the cup of abominations.

   Phillipians 1;17

The ancient Israelites, sacrificing their own children to Moloch and Baal, believed something like spreading their ashes on the fields made them fertile.  And, voila! their crops were abundant.  This didn't make their faith and practice right.

The basic gospel is often barely mentioned and buried in the midst of a froth of other words.  We are told to ask God into a place He already occupies.  Instead, "The word is nigh thee, even in thy heart and mouth."  We are told to believe the ultimate evil threatens from the very God we're supposed to embrace.  Instead, He's, "The living God, Who is the Savior of all mankind, specially those that believe."  We are told to find a good Bible believing church.  How is a novice in the faith supposed to accomplish that?  Years later many of us are still looking!


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