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The Lord's work in the province of Quebec, Canada

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Hey guys,

Just to share some news about the Lord's work here in the french part of Canada.

Christianity here is nothing like that of the US, most 40-50ers were born into the strict catholic church where women were forced to have kids till they die and not tithing was worthy of excomuniation.

There are some evangelicals here and there but it's a fragile thing with maybe 10 000 followers across various churches and denominations.

There is, however, a strong feeling in most of evangelicals that an awakening is coming; young quebecers are yearning for the spiritual and for something more and people as a whole are feeling less anger toward the catholic church as time passes by.

God has put a great burden on my heart for His people here in Quebec and He has called me to be a preacher of His Word.

Since being revealed the Glorious Hope of salvation for all, this yearning has become stronger everyday so that even if I try to stay in the shadows and keep it secret, I cannot help but tell to everyone I meet about it and the general response is great. Young christians seem ready to get more of God's grace and less vengeance. We are born into a society of tolerance without Truth. Our churches taught us about Truth without tolerance. Young christians know inside them that God is Truth AND tolerance because God is love.
So I've started a website(in my signature) in french, I've found UR believers on Facebook, one in particular is called Donald Finnie and he's a long-time friend of my father, he saw me when I was a baby. He already made, in his youth, a lot of videos and translations of various articles in french. He's now old and sick and had abandonned all hope of seeing God awaken the province of Quebec but God answered his prayers when he revealed this truth to me and Donald has now a new energy to share and work again.

Donald has shared with me some contacts he has, most of them have been declared false teachers by their own communities and went into private mode but they all share the same Hope!

So please, pray for the province of Quebec that God may use our little and weak people to reach the whole francophone world with the Glorious Hope!


 :cloud9: PTL! He is really starting to strengthen the net to contain the final harvest, isn't He? That's wonderful that His other servant is going to see fruit now with your help. For such a time as this, amen?

Love Quebec; my ancestors moved from there in the 1700's. Have been there once in my life. Blessings....

Very cool!  :thumbsup:
Now if I could only find some UR believers down here in Nova Scotia!

I'm sure there are, show yourself and they'll get out of their hiding holes.  :happygrin:

At least that's how it started with me.

Haha! The only problem is it's so scary to "show yourself", people are so judgmental and cruel about this stuff. (I know this from experience... i'm now scared to tell any "Christian" I am a believer in UR...) :S


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