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Facing the theologian

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It seems I've been talking too loud.
Received an email today from a pastor.
He heard about my spreading of UR and the way ETers were refuted one after the other.
I know him a bit, he has a Master in Philosophy and a Master in Theology. He has written a dozen of books.
He sent me this morning a copy in PDF of his latest book on Universalism (only 68 pages).
He thanked me because it was because of me (I say the Lord) that he decided to write it.
Now he'd like me to read it and answer it.
Maybe I'll begin writing something myself, if the Lord calls me to it.
Most of his work is about Origen and refuting him. I won't enter that debate because I don't care.
But there are other arguments which I know I can defend really well.
I do not have any high education myself, have received the UR revelation only 4 months ago and I'm already busy to no end but by the grace of God I can stand to any theologian because I have the Holy Spirit in me teaching me in everything.

In his introduction he said that it was important for PASTORS to know how to refute this heresy because THEY(the pastors) have to defend the faith. :thumbdown:
He also say that it is theologians' calling to interpret the Scriptures and teach them to the christians. :thumbdown:
Stealing the HS's job eh?
We're in for major misunderstanding... :laughing7:

Pray for me!

 :cloud9: Take no thought of what you shall say, for the HG shall give you what you should speak. It really does work. He sent me to a pastor once with a word that I knew he wasn't going to like and I knew he would have me for breakfast over it.

I asked the Lord to give me something that he had never heard preached before as a sign to him that I was hearing the Lord. He did. The pastor admitted he had never heard it preached anywhere before, but STILL didn't receive the word I gave him or the warning for disobedience that came with it. A few weeks later he was removed from the pulpit and disbarred from his denomination (really a blessing in disguise). God will have His way.

Lifting you up for strength and wisdom......Blessings.....

It is like that, I've been studying UR for only 4 months, not enough to face these opponents but yet in every discussions I hear myself answering things I didn't even heard before, answering questions or refuting interpretations I didn't knew existed.
Now I have to stay in that rest and let God do it or else it won't work.

Been reading his aion/olam exposition and he worked a lot on it, too bad for him most of his conclusions are based on bad premises (Jesus reigning forever, earth enduring forever, etc.)

After reading about a fourth of his book I realize that everywhere he says that it can't be that way because blah blah blah, it can be said the other side. At the end it's all about perspectives.

Thank you for the prayers Card. :bigGrin:

I will intercede for you, for this is a mighty calling!  Like Esther you where born for a time such as this, and God himself (The Holy Spirit) who dwells inside the very temple of clay he built in the quarry of your mother's womb is more than a match for any man on the face of this earth...Past, Present, or yet in the ages to come.  :thumbsup:

And remember, God is sovereign, God is Love, God is Life, God is Truth, God defeated, and will defeat Death, God cannot lie, God will do his will, and his will is that all mankind be saved. ^^

Everyone will stand before the judgement seat of God and give their account...But behold!  The pure in heart shall see God!

(God cannot like because what ever God speaks becomes, or is Reality, lies are that which is not reality  :thumbsup: something I wrote an article on I think elsewhere, and may share here; when God gave me this revelation I was like "wow!")

Nil Recurring:
I'll pray for you. I know someday I'll be facing the same battle. My dad has his doctorate of theology or something similar and is a staunch Calvinist. I'm not looking forward to that conversation...


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